Monday, December 7, 2009

Sportz Assassin's College Football Playoff Bracket

Here we go. We're at the end of the regular season and all that's left is the playoffs! Yes, in my weird little mind, I still hold out hope that someday we will actually have a playoff system in college football.

My mind concocted this playoff format: 12 teams with the top four teams receiving first round byes. Playoff teams will include the six champions of the BCS conferences (ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-10 and SEC), the top ranked non-BCS conference champion and then the five top ranked at large teams. We will use the BCS standings to seed the teams as well as selecting the at large teams.

No. 1-Alabama (SEC Champ)
No. 2-Texas (Big XII Champ)
No. 3-Cincinnati (Big East Champ)
No. 4-TCU (top non-BCS Champ)
No. 5-Florida
No. 6-Boise State
No. 7-Oregon (Pac-10 Champ)
No. 8-Ohio State (Big Ten Champ)
No. 9-Georgia Tech (ACC Champ)
No. 10-Iowa
No. 11-Virginia Tech
No. 12-LSU

FIRST ROUND (December 19th)
12p-Georgia Tech at Ohio State
3:30p-Iowa at Oregon
3:30p-Virginia Tech at Boise State
8p-LSU at Florida

SECOND ROUND (December 26th)
12p-Boise State/Va Tech at Cincinnati
3:30p-Florida/LSU at TCU
3:30p-Oregon/Iowa at Texas
8p-Ohio State/Ga Tech at Alabama


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