Monday, December 7, 2009

Sportz Assassin's College Football Bowl Matchups

Okay, if my Sportz Assassin Playoff doesn't move you, then maybe you'll like my other idea. Why does the BCS use their rankings to seed just the BCS title game? Why don't they use it all the way down the line for all the bowls?

The funny thing is that three of the five BCS games are actually the same as they'd be using the rankings.

Because of that, here would be my bowl matchups according to the final BCS rankings:

BCS Championship: No. 1 Alabama vs No. 2 Texas
Fiesta Bowl: No. 3 Cincinnati vs No. 4 TCU
Sugar Bowl: No. 5 Florida vs No. 6 Boise State
Rose Bowl: No. 7 Oregon vs No. 8 Ohio State
Orange Bowl: No. 9 Georgia Tech vs No. 10 Iowa
Cotton Bowl: No. 11 Virginia Tech vs No. 12 LSU
Capital One Bowl: No. 13 Penn State vs No. 14 BYU
Gator Bowl: No. 15 Miami vs No. 16 West Virginia
Outback Bowl: No. 17 Pittsburgh vs No. 18 Oregon State
Alamo Bowl: No. 19 Oklahoma State vs No. 20 Arizona
Holiday Bowl: No. 21 Stanford vs No. 22 Nebraska
Insight Bowl: No. 23 Utah vs No. 24 USC

Extend the rankings out so we can seed the other bowls.

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