Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Redskins Have Given Up ... and I Don't Blame Them

Those good feelings that Redskins fans like me had after a month of coulda-beatens against the Cowboys, Eagles and Saints and a route of the Raiders just went away. Last night Washington stunk up FedEx Field in front of a national audience against a division rival that was reeling.

They gave up. I've been the first to say all season long that we aren't a good team, but we aren't as bad as these bottom feeders. Look back at the Redskins season and it isn't like we were blown out in any game. We were miraculously showing a lot of fight despite nothing really to play for. That all stopped last night.

Normally that would bother me. I'd scream "they have given up on the coach" or "he's lost the team." Well, in this case that isn't accurate. The Redskins all but fired Jim Zorn without actually firing him. Not only is there a new GM in town who will most likely bring in a new coach, there have been rumors abound that the Redskins have all but hired Mike Shanahan to replace him (even more odd is the fact that the Redskins have claimed they've already interviewed two minority candidates ... at least one of them Zorn's assistants). You can't expect a team with a lameduck coach to give their best effort.

And Zorn, bless him, sees the writing on the wall as well. It seems as if Zorn is cashing in all those tricks from his playbook. That fake field goal turned horrible pass was just unreal. You only do that if you just don't care anymore. And why should Zorn care? There is no way he gets another head coaching job anyways and, at worst, he can go back to being a quarterbacks coach somewhere (I think Holmgren may tab him in Cleveland). Zorn is a likable guy, even if you hate him as a coach. He deserves better.

Hopefully the new regime gets us on the right track. Allen is a contract guru and we could be entering into an uncapped season. Hopefully this time we're getting it right.

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