Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saints Pummel Patriots ... and ESPN Hype

If the Patriots-Saints game on Monday night was supposed to be Super Bowl XLIII 1/2 ... then we really don't have to play Super Bowl XLIV, do we?

New Orleans destroyed New England last night and showed everyone that this indeed is a championship caliber team. The offense is as lethal as advertised and that defense held down Tom Brady and Randy Moss. This is a great team.

A great team that could go undefeated this year. They play at Washington next week then at Atlanta (who is missing Matt Ryan and maybe Michael Turner). Then they get a mammoth Saturday night game at home against the Dallas Cowboys. They'll host Tampa Bay before finishing out the season in Carolina.

Really, only the Dallas game looks like it could be lose-able.

That would mean that the Saints would be the second team to have a 16-0 regular season. They'd also get to host their two playoff games ... and they've been unreal at the Superdome. That could mean that N'Awlins will have a chance to make history in Miami next February. Hopefully an undefeated Colts team will be there to take them on.

Monday night also showed us that if the Saints did get to the Super Bowl, they can win it. This was probably the biggest stage that many of the Saints players have ever been in and they passed with flying colors. Despite ESPN's diehard attempts to pimp out this game (I'll admit that I was amped for this game despite not caring about either team), it was just a dud.

Well, unless you're a Saints fan.

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