Thursday, April 20, 2006

The New Madden Guy Coming Tonight!

Tonight, on ESPN, EA Sports will announce who will adorn the cover of Madden '07.

My money is on the Super Bowl winning QB Ben Roethlisberger....though it could be MVP Shaun Alexander or Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward.  Apparantly, Bill Cowher is the "face" of the coaching aspect of the to me it makes sense that his QB would be there too. 

Of course, being on the cover isn't a great thing.  Eddie George was there in 2000...and was injured.  Daunte Culpepper didn't get hurt, but had a horrificly poor season in 2001.  Marshall Faulk in 2002...same thing [ankle].  Michael Vick broke his leg the day after the 2003 game hit shelves.  Ray Lewis had a okay season in 2004.  But Donovan McNabb, well you know, in 2005.


monponsett said...

They asked me, but backed off when I showed up in a skirt.

zbar88 said...

IT'S SHAUNY BOY!!! check it out....