Friday, February 25, 2011

Sportz Assassin's 2011 Oscar Picks

Okay, this is a sports blog and I try very hard to keep it that way. So when I go off topic, I try to find the "sports" involved. It's easy this time, as The Fighter is up for Best Picture as well as several other categories. So there.

Now time for my picks:

BEST PICTURE: THE KING'S SPEECH. I have actually watched a few of these films. The King's Speech wasn't one of them. But the momentum it has seems like it won't stop. I loved Inception, Black Swan and The Social Network. The Kids Are All Right was interesting as well. I'll be rooting for Swan and Network, but I'm pretty sure neither will win.

BEST ACTOR: COLIN FIRTH (THE KING'S SPEECH): I think this is a slam dunk, from what I'm hearing. I loved Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network, but Firth has this one in the bag.

BEST ACTRESS: NATALIE PORTMAN (BLACK SWAN): Saw this movie and absolutely loved Portman's performance in it. She plays this perfectly, even if the movie gets over the top at times. She nails it and I think has this award running away. Annette Bening was really good in The Kids Are All Right, but she didn't have to carry the movie the way Portman did.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: CHRISTIAN BALE (THE FIGHTER): I haven't seen this movie yet (I will when it comes on DVD soon), but I'm a big Bale fan. I loved him in American Psycho, hated him in The Prestige (which is a good thing) and think he's one of the few actors that can take on totally different roles with total ease. I'm hoping he gets this one.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: AMY ADAMS (THE FIGHTER): I've seen none of these movies, so I'm no expert on this category. But I like Adams and I love the buzz she's got for her role in The Fighter. I'm picking her, though my dark horse is Helena Bonham Carter in The King's Speech.

BEST DIRECTOR: DAVID FINCHER (THE SOCIAL NETWORK): Tom Hooper could win this for The King's Speech, but I think Fincher will get the nod as a nod for Network. Fincher's ability to replicate a facinating subject that jumps time all through the film was spot on. It could have been weak, but Fincher got this done.

BEST ANIMATED PICTURE: TOY STORY 3. I've bought this movie on DVD but haven't watched it yet. My nephew has and loved it. I've heard the same from many other people. TS3 takes it.

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