Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Could The NBA Move the Hornets to Seattle?

One of the interesting rumors getting some buzz is the idea that the NBA will have the wildcard of contracting the New Orleans Hornets when labor negotiations resume with the NBA Players Association.

David Stern says that isn't so, but the idea shouldn't be swept under the rug. He also said owners would mind it if the team went away. I'd doubt that the NBA would actually threaten contraction. Maybe they'll imply it. Maybe they'll leak information that they are considering it. Either way, the union will know that it could end up happening.

I have a better solution. The NBA's 29 other clubs bought the New Orleans Hornets for $300M, right? Why not sell the franchise to a Seattle buyer (there are some rich folks up there)? After all, the NBA all but promised a franchise to Seattle when the SuperSonics left there a couple of years ago. Any new franchise there would actually share the original Sonics history with the Oklahoma City Thunder (where the Sonics moved).

We have our new Seattle SuperSonics.

Now, since the Hornets name is dead, sell the rights to use the nickname, logo and all of that to Michael Jordan so he can rename his franchise the Charlotte Hornets. That would make that franchise a bit stronger. "Bobcats" suck. Orange as a main color sucks. Charlotte was a teal city when the Hornets arrived in 1988. Bring that back. We all want it.

C'mon David Stern. You know it would be smarter to sell the team, sell the "Hornets" name and let the other owners make some extra change. Seattle gets their old team back; Charlotte gets its old name back.


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Unknown said...

I totally agree on this!!! mr. stern is just bein complicated.i dont know why he cant see a simple plan right in front of him.everyone will gain from this.seattle is a nba city along with our baseball and football teams.theres a lot of money to be made here in seattle!!! not rocket science to figure that out.ggggive us back out nba team!!!!