Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Thing Recruits Don't Pull Out Tigers At Announcement Pressers

I was just watching the Dan Patrick Show on DirecTV and they came up with an interesting joke.

Football recruit Isaiah Crowell pulled out a bulldog puppy to announce he was going to be attending the University of Georgia in the fall. Tacky, maybe, but we're all talking about it.

So the guys at the Dan Patrick Show joked that maybe the only reason he's going to UGA is because he didn't want to have to pull out another mascot for display.

That got me to thinking: what if he did go to some certain other schools?

GEORGIA TECH: He could have let out a swarm of yellow jackets into the presser.

CLEMSON or AUBURN or LSU: Imagine if he pulled out a baby tiger?

TEXAS: How about a big longhorn steer at the news conference? That would've scared the crap out of everybody.

SYRACUSE: Pulling at an orange would be rather dumb.

USC: He could have done the controversial thing and pull out a pack of Trojan condoms. Hey, it promotes safe sex and could land him an endorsement deal down the road.

MICHIGAN: You could either bust out a little wolverine ... or just invite Hugh Jackman to sit down next to you.

NOTRE DAME: Too weird.

OREGON: It would get rather annoying to hear a duck quacking around the room.

SOUTH CAROLINA: I guess Pedro Martinez could help Isaiah find a gamecock. Pray that no one else has the same idea.

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