Thursday, February 24, 2011

NBA Is Top Heavy Now? Um, It Always Has Been!

One of the dumbest pieces of whining coming in the aftermath of "The Decision" and the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks is that the NBA is now top heavy. The little guys don't get a chance. That the glory days of the NBA are over and we are in the same boat as Major League Baseball where the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Angels own all the great players.

Man you are wrong.

First off, the NBA has always been top heavy. The Celtics or Lakers have won 33 of the 64 championships the NBA has handed out.

From 1949-1954, the Lakers won 5 of 6 titles. From 1957-1969, the Celtics won 11 of 13 championships. From 1980-1988, the Lakers won 5 times; the Celtics won 3. From 1989-1998, the Bulls won 6 times, with the Rockets and Pistons winning twice apiece. From 1999-2010, the Lakers won 5 times and Spurs won 4 times.

Since 1984, only the Lakers (8), Bulls (6), Spurs (4), Celtics (3), Pistons (3), Rockets (2) and Heat have won an NBA Championship. That's 7 different teams in 27 seasons. Meanwhile, big bad baseball has had 9 different World Series Champions in the last 10 years (only the Red Sox winning multiple times).

So how is now any different?

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