Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Phil Fulmer Back In Bama

                            Stephen Jackson

*OFF THE CHAINS:  For the 2nd time in less than a year, an Indiana Pacer is calling out the NBA as racist.  In the spring, Jermaine O'Neal raised the racist question when the NBA was attempting to put an age requirement on potential draftees [which was ultimately approved by the league and the player's association in which O'Neal is a member].  Now, his teammate Stephen Jackson is calling the NBA racist for the recent ruling of "proper attire" and no chains over their suits.  Actually, Jackson has no problem with the dress code as far as the business casual look the NBA wants their players....but he is quite bent over the no-chains rule.  Let's just say that the NBA is in for a bit of a battle with the players over this issue.  However, like most things, the players do tend to cave in.  Let's see how this will turn out. 

*ROCK PAPER SCISSORS:  The "Rock, Paper, Scissors" Championships will be held this Saturday in Toronto.  Wow....I've heard of some horrible tournaments, but this??  I'm sure ESPN 8, "The Ocho", will cover this. 

*NFL TRADING FLURRY:  Is this the NFL???  With the trading deadline approaching.....there was a flurry of deals.  Tampa Bay acquired Tim Rattay from the San Francisco 49ers.  What is this???  Well, Brian Griese is most likely done for the season, and we all know about Chris Simms ability to stay healthy.  Now Rattay may be asked to be an important part of a team that has the best record in the NFC.  This also begins the Alex Smith Era in San Fran as there is no reason to sit him now.  The Vikings picked up an offensive lineman from the Chargers [which leads me to believe that some linemen may be the ones to be suspended from the Viking Love Boat incident].  The Chargers also made an interesting move, acquiring AJ Feely from Miami.  Interesting, since the Bolts have Drew Brees starting and Philip Rivers backing him up.  Does this mean that Rivers could be on the move??  Quite a day of movement.  Usually, the trading deadline brings maybe one deal with it....but not anything of notice [usually something like a disgruntled player, like the deal that sent Keenan McCardell to San Diego last year]. 

*POWER RANKINGS:  Speaking of the is my power rankings: 
1-Colts:  Spotted the Rams 17 pts, then demolished them.
2-Broncos:  Made defensive stand for 2nd straight week
3-Bengals:  Alas, we'll see their meddle against the Steelers
4-Cowboys:  If they had closed out the Skins, they'd be 5-1 right now.
5-Steelers:  Sure they lost, but that was with no Ben and Ward
6-Buccaneers:  Just one 2-pt loss to the Jets from being undefeated
7-Falcons:  Their defense is giving up too many big plays
8-Chargers:  Where's Gates been the last 2 weeks??
9-Eagles:  The NFL's biggest underachievers
10-Panthers:  They're winning ugly and with some luck.  Just like in 2003.

*NBA PRE SEASON AWARDS: is a guess about the NBA's upcoming season.  MVP....LeBron James.  Why?  I think with a better collection of talent around him [Hughes, Marshall] and a healthy Z, he could take the next leap.  ROOKIE......Francisco Garcia.  Bogut may get it because of the amount of minutes he will log in Milwaukee, but Garica looks to be an intrigal part of what the Kings want to do.  He's looked quite well in preseason.  COACH....Mike Montgomery.  The Warriors could be ready to do some big things in the West.  With the Grizzlies, Wolves and Sonics losing some guys.....and Phoenix with their own issues....the Warriors could be this year's Wizards or Bulls.  Or Suns.

*THE BCS:  The initial BCS rankings are out...and there are no real surprises.  But why even have this poll now??  Why not wait another few weeks.  There are so many big games left to play, that the BCS poll is meaningless.  I mean, we have Texas-Texas Tech, Virginia Tech-Miami, USC-UCLA, Georgia-Florida, and Alabama-Tennessee coming on the slate.

*FULMER SNITCH:  Speaking of should be quite a sight in Tuscaloosa when Vols' coach Phil Fulmer takes the field.  Remember, this is his first appearance there since he snitched to investigators about the Crimson Tide's program...which eventually netted them some punishment.  It will be on!


lrpatton said...

As always, I read your blog first.
Your Power Rankings are great, but the Cowboys 4th? The injury bug has hit the Boys with Julius Jones, and now Flozell Hotel Adams likely gone for the season. No way are they the 4th best team in the league.

Here are my Week 7 Picks.


sportzassassin said...

Yeah...that was too high for my liking.....but my reasoning is that RIGHT NOW, the Cowboys have faced everyone in the NFC East [no one else has played another division member] and hold a 2-1 record.  Heck, without that meltdown in Week 2, they'd be 5-1.  The defense has played much better in the past few games.
Granted, the Boys now have 3 ROAD games in division left which may hurt them down the games with Denver, KC and Carolina.  But, these rankings are as of THIS WEEK, and I like what the team has accomplished thus far [beating Philly and the winning in San Diego].  Moreso than any team below them.  

And while I don't expect [read: hope] that they won't stay up that my humble opinion, they are.


yanniisk said...

Garcia over Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Charlie Villanueva, I could go on and on. Tierre Brown looked like bobby Jackson in preseason last year, and even had 24 points this past game, and we know what he was like as a Laker. Garcia should be a decent player, but rookie of the year? No way.

joex918xroc said...

Pretty much, I agree with your power rankings with one exception, the Cowboys at number 4. Yes, the Cowboys are 4-2, but they haven't played anyone good on the road yet. The Cowboys always come up big at home, but they can never win on the road. Wait until they play someone on the road.