Friday, August 20, 2004

Lawrence Phillips Sells His Championship Ring

When we talk about the biggest busts in NFL Draft history….names like Ryan Leaf, Aundray Bruce, Todd Marinovich, Steve Emtman and Akili Smith are bandied about. Most people tend to forget about Lawrence Phillips.

Lawrence Phillips cheesing for the camera. 

Sure, Phillips had his problems at Nebraska. But the guy had tons of talent and if he puts his mind to it he could have been a great NFL player after winning consecutive National Championships in college. He had a good shot with the Rams as the #6 pick overall but didn’t last. He even had a semi-solid career in the Canadian Football League. But that was long ago.

It has been reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal that Lawrence Phillips sold his Big 8 Championship Ring to a pawn shop called “Steve‘s Buy & Sell“……for $20. Yep….$20. The pawn shop owner said that Phillips told him that he was stuck in Vegas and needed to get out. So he sold his Big 8 Championship Ring for $20. The pawn shop owner turned around and sold the ring on Ebay for $1700.

How low has he sunk that he went from one of the most promising athletes in sports to selling his ring for $20? The owner said that Phillips had been going from pawn shop to pawn shop all day trying to sell his ring.

Well, while he was a gifted athlete…he was never the model citizen. He has had a history of sexual assaults, drunk driving, domestic violence, disorderly conduct and being a pain in the neck to his employers. Phillips went AWOL with the Rams after finding out he’s be coming off the bench. Miami and San Francisco got tired of his antics pretty quick. The CFL didn’t have much time for him, as Montreal and Calgary BOTH but his after shorts stays due to his attitude.

The sad thing is that this can’t end well. People have given Phillips second, third, fourth and many more chances just due to his talent. Now no one wants him around….and he must sell the only things he has to show for the best years of his life for a measly $20.


aeneashunter said...

That's a sad story, but I have to quibble about your first sentence.  I don't think Steve Emtman belongs on the list of busts.  When he was healthy, he played well for the Colts.  But he blew out his knee.  Guys who fail due to injuries don't belong on the same list with Ryan Leaf and Todd Marinovich.  Brian Bosworth and the offensive lineman from Michigan State (I can't recall his name, but he was a Packer) deserve to be on that list a lot more than a sad story like Emtman.

monponsett said...

Ken "Game Day" Sims, #1 pick, NE Pats

spacemongoloid said...

I stumbled upon this site after reading about Maurice Clarett's arrest for robbery.
I wondered what had happened to Phillips.  It IS sad to know.

I agree with the above poster.  Emtman shouldn't be put in the same category as the other draft busts.  He was very good when healthy.  By the way, the offensive lineman from Michigan State was Tony Mandarich.