Wednesday, August 18, 2004

August Sucks

August is most likely the worst sports month of the year.

July isn’t that great. But the MLB All Star game is thrown in there with the Tour De France. But August sucks.

What if the Olympics weren’t happening?? How bored would we be?? Heck, maybe that’s why I’ve been watching ping-pong at 3 in the morning. Nothing in the sports world grabs my attention.

August means anticipation. The college football season starts at the end of August….with a full slate starting on September 2nd. One week later, the NFL season begins. All we have now of football is college camps and NFL preseason games featuring guys that will be laying blacktop next week. Heck, I am praying that no one else gets hurt before the season begins. It’s nice to see football on my TV…but it is more of a nuisance than treasure. Nothing real tangible yet

Yeah, the baseball races are heating up. But it isn’t the big stretch run until September. There lies the mad dash for the wildcard berths. Until then, we are only practicing futility by updating the wildcard standings every day. When September hits…and the pretenders start throwing out their farm prospects and the 12 or so teams fighting for the 8 spots start “making trades” on the waiver wires…then the drama will build. Unless you are a fan of a team that is barely sticking in there….there is no reason to get antsy yet.

Yeah, NASCAR is always here. But their new “Race For The Championship” races do not begin until September. Until then, there is just posturing to stay in the top 10 in the points standings. There are some NBA and NHL happenings here and there…but all of the big moves have already been made by now.

August is about injuries. All around sports. NFL injuries from practice or preseason games squash the hopes of fans. I am a Redskin fan…and the Jansen injury has really gotten me. Baseball as well. Ken Griffey, Jr is shutting it down for the season. So is Pat Burrell. Other big name players from teams that are out of it, will elect to just take the rest of the season off by going ahead and taking care of those injury problems.

So….hurry along August. Let’s get ready for some September!!!

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