Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Those Choking Kings

I know.  It's odd using the word "choke" when describing the Kings, huh?  It feels almost as weird as saying Chris Webber runs away from pressure situations.  And it's odd that in this series, "choke" isn't being used in any takes involving Sprewell. 

Kings fan.  The only way you can possibly shake this moniker of choking is....well, stop choking. 

First off, I'll give you TONS of credit getting back into that Game 3 against the Wolves.  That game was over.  It was 100-87 with, what, 3 minutes left?  You came back and sent it to overtime.  But, a loss is still a loss.

Sacramento should be up 3-0 right now.  But, two heartbreaking losses have them down 2-1...and surrendered the homecourt advantage back to the Wolves.  The moment from that game that I will remember most [aside from that clutch shot from KG] is Bibby throwing his headband into the seats as he was assessed a foul, his 6th, and then getting T'd up.  Nothing says "knowing the situation" better than getting a technical foul as you are walking off the court in overtime.  C'mon.  I mean, what in the hell is that about??  Luckily for the Kings, Da Mayor missed the FT and it ended up not costing them anything.  But that one point could have loomed big.

Those things can happen.  But the Kings shouldn't even BE in this position.  With about a week or so left in the regular season, they had the #1 seed in the West locked up.  Crapped that away.  But, at least you had your 2004 Pacific Title Banner ready to hoist up into the rafters with those other 2 Division Title banners and your.......uh......Mitch Richmond jersey and your......uh.....6th Man jersey.  Well, a banner is a banner.  All you gotta do is beat a Warriors team that had it's top guys already with their lockers cleaned out.  Loss.  Meanwhile up the coast, Kobe Bryant was doing the antithesis of the Kings and making not one....but TWO clutch shots to give the Lakers the Pacific Division title.  If the Lakers hung such a banner up, they'd buy it off of you guys.  I mean, it is purple. 

I know, those things can happen.  Just like Game 7 of the Mavs series last year.  Oh, lost by 13.  Well, then the last time you played in a "winner advances game".  Oh, that Laker win in SacTown in 2002.  Okay, then the time before that.  Oh, another Laker beating in 2000.  Okay, the time before that.  Oh, the loss to the Jazz in 1999.  That's right.  This awesome elite Kings-era team is 0-4 in "winner advances game." 

Well, I better put that "no #4 seed has ever made it to the Conference Finals" stat up there. 


ciarasnewname said...

I enjoy your insights, Sportz and you certainly know the game :)  Your love for the Kings and us fans sure shines through though.  LOL  To each his own as you say, and I'm not attempting to argue with any of your facts.  We have much to prove in the post season.  GO KINGS!!

sportzassassin said...

No problem, Ciaras.  As you know, part of sports is the "smack talk" that fills our boards up.  BUT, winning that Game 7 would be a HUGE step in the right direction for the Kings.  But until then....gotta still call ya the ChoKings.  Maybe our teams will see each other Friday.