Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Sportz Talk 5/12/4

*Ahhh, Kings fans.  Who could possibly see this coming??  I mean, who'd know that all you'd hear from Cow Town is whining and moaning about Peja kicking his leg out to get a foul.  Yet, KG was totally molested when he hit his shot seconds earlier...but nothing was called.

*Well, the only thing worth noting in the Eastern Conference playoffs is the war of words between the Nets and Pistons.  I mean, the games themselves aren't interesting.  But Larry Brown attacks Nets GM Rod Thorn about the dismissal of FUTURE LAKER COACH Byron Scott.  Then, he attacks the refs.  The Sheed says the Nets Game 3 win needs an asterick next to it because he was in foul trouble.  Then K-Mart goes after Sheed.  With the love fest going on in the Heavyweight battles out West, its nice to see the East is actually talking tough.

*If I was an NBA player, there'd be no well in hell I'd attend the Summer Olympics in Athens.  Not the Olympic part....but the Athens.  This city has the worst airport security in the world.  And if we can't even get it right here, then how in the hell is Athens going to be ready??  After all, they can't even get their venues built.

*God, now the Hawks are looking at hiring 66-yr old John McLeod to be their next head coach.  GEEZ!  Is this the new NBA trend??  Well, anything to keep Mike Fratello's "slow ball" from coming back to the NBA.

*Syracuse announced that it is changing its name from "Orangemen" to "Orange".  What is that?  I mean, I understand all the Native American nicknames being changed, but "Orangemen"??  If you are going to change your name, do it something better than a color....or a fruit.  By the way, UMass needs to change its name from the "Minutemen" because all of the men with sexual dysfunctions [read: Kings fans] are being offended.  

*I don't understand the NY Giants at all.  First, you trade for the #1 overall draft pick in Eli Manning.  Then, pissing off Kerry Collins, you announce you'll release him.  Then, you are chatting with Kurt Warner about signing with you.  All the meanwhile, the guy that was starting games down the stretch for you is "The Bachelor".  Oh, and you also got guys complaining about new coach Tom Coughlin's mini camp.  The 2004 season has gotten off to a great stop.

*Michael Jordan is visiting China for the first time....sponsored by Nike.  I guess he wants to see where his $200 shoes are being made.



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