Friday, May 28, 2004

Cleveland Doesn't Rock

I had a post about Red Sox fans that got quite a response.  It basically just took Red Sox fans to task about how "cursed" they were about their beloved franchise.

Well....this post isn't about a certain team.  It's about certain cities.

Yes, Red Sox fans have been made to suffer.  But Bostonians haven't had it so bad.  Remember, their Patriots have won 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls.  Their Celtics have won 16 NBA Championships [though none recently].  But, the Bruins passed the 30 year mark since their last Stanley Cup.  They are still looking for the 6th Cup....just as the Red Sox are looking for their 6th World Series title.

Still....there is some success there.  Twenty-eight titles.  Well, the Boston Braves won a Series.  So 29.

But not in Philly or Cleveland. 

Neither city is known for having too many championship parades. 

Philadelphia is one of the greatest sports town in America.  They love their team so much....they'll threaten opponents.  But, a championship city, they are not.  Their last major pro title was over 20 years ago.....the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers.  The Sixers only other title [in Philly] was in of the best teams in NBA history.  In 1956, the Philadelphia Warriors did win an NBA championship.  So, 3 NBA titles. 

The Phillies have ONE championship in over 130 years.  1980.  They've only been to the World Series three times since 1950.  Their 1980 title.  The 1983 drubbing at the hands of the Orioles.  And the 1993 series.  All ya gotta say is "Mitch Williams".  </FONT><FONT size=2>The Flyers have won 2 Stanley back to back seasons.  1974-1975.  They've lost 5 Stanley Cup Finals since then.

Then there is the Eagles.  One Super Bowl rings.  In fact, they've LOST three straight NFC Championship Games....with the last 2 at home.  The Eagles last title was 1960.  Over 40 years since a title.  Their other two NFL Championships were in 1948-1949. 

So, Philly does have 9 titles....but only 2 in the last 25 years.  So, what about Cleveland?

Cleveland came into the NFL as a solid franchise.  They won 3 titles in their first 6 NFL seasons.  Their last title came in 1964.  No Super Bowl appearances.  And just like Bostonians have "Boone and Bucky", Clevelanders have "The Drive".

The Indians aren't much better.  Their last World Series title was in 1948.  Their other one was in 1920.  And that is it.  And don't even look at the Cavaliers.  Sure, LeBron is there....but they still haven't won a NBA title ever.  In fact, they've never even gotten to the Finals.  In fact, they've never won a playoff series in which they weren't the team with the home-court advantage.  Their NHL life only lasted two seasons....1977 and 1978.

So Cleveland chimes in with 6 championships. 

And you could add Atlanta's only championship of 1995.  The Falcons, Thrashers/Flames and Hawks have done nothing in Hotlanta.  And, though they are a relatively young multi-sports town, Phoenix boasts just the 2001 Diamondbacks title. 



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