Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The BS of The BCS pt 2

I have read and listened to people and their comments about my entry on the BCS.

And I still don't like it.  Let's take each issue:

EVERY GAME COUNTS:  Actually, you could make a case that the opposite is true.  Most of the games don't count.  Yeah, every game my count for the undefeated teams...and SOME of the 1-loss teams.  But for everyone else, it is just bowl position.  And, you should know, bowl position is determined by which conference you are in.  And that is determined by how well you did in conference against your conference opponents.  So, strength-of-schedule has no bearing here.  But "aha", you say.  "What about getting into a BCS Bowl?"  Yeah, try telling TCU about their chances of getting into a BCS bowl.  Even if they did finish the season undefeated, they would have been shut out of the BCS. 

By the way, you'd think a little game like the BIG XII CHAMPIONSHIP GAME would be pretty meaningful.  Yeah.  So meaningful that Oklahoma could lose it badly and still play in the National Championship Game. 

LET THE POLLS PICK THE WINNER:  Just really think about this.  Look at the BCS as a whole....then look at the two human polls and the computer polls seperately.  First, the computer.  The computer has never watched a game.  It just compiles stats.  It doesn't take into any consideration any intangibles.  And now, they are eliminating all kinds of stats from the formulas....so that the computer poll isn't really effective.  Now, look at the media poll [AP].  Are you to tell me that members of the media have a perfect understanding of all 120 teams and where the stack against everyone else.  They only watch the big games, games in their journalistic area....and the boxscores.  I live on the East Coast...and the 1st USC game I watched last season was against UCLA.  Then the coaches poll.  Two things about that.  First, the LAST people that need to have a poll is the coaches.  Think about it.  Aside from his team and the teams he has played and will be playing....what does a coach know about what is going on in the country??  All week, he's preparing his team for a game....then Saturday they play.  DAMN NEAR EVERYONE IS PLAYING SATURDAY.  So, if a coach is doing the job he is paid for, he can't be paying attention to what is happening in another game thousands of miles away.  And then there is the conflict of interest.  If I am a Big Ten coach...then I would want my Big Ten brethern to rankhigher.  It gives MY team a better strength-of-schedule.  It gives MY conference more exposure.  It could lead to MY conference picking up an extra at-large birth into a BCS game....which gets MY school more money.  Also, isn't this the "ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll"???  And who has the cushy deal with the BCS???  Oh, ABC.  And ABC owns ESPN.  So, if ABC really, really, really wanted to....couldn't it show better and more dominant highlights on ESPN's SportsCenter to prop up a team that would be a "better match up" in their BCS games???  I mean, all these coaches have to go on is SportsCenter.  Remember, in NCAA Hoops, Rick Majerus let his team manager fill out his voting form for him.  Are you to say that these coaches actually sit down after their own games, research every game in the country, the honestly make a conscience decision of where everyone ranks.  Or do they just "copy-and-paste"??

THE CHAMPION IN A TOURNAMENT MAY NOT BE "THE BEST TEAM":  Yeah...and that has been a bad thing for the NFL and the NCAA Men's Basketball...which are the TWO biggest events in the sports field.  News flash, but usually, the winner of the Super Bowl does not have the best record in the league during the regular season [although this year they did].  If the Hoops tourny felt this way, the NC State doesn't beat Houston on a tip in at the buzzer.  Villanova doesn't play "the perfect game".  Melo doesn't run his team to a title with Syracuse.  Arizona doesn't beat three #1 seeds en route to a title.  Great moments that are few and far between in college football.  Think about it.  What are the great moments in NCAA football history??  Very rarely is it in the bowl game of the National Champion.  They are usually regular season games.  Cal-Stanford's The Play.  Colorado/Michigan.  BC/Miami.  The biggest moments that a "National Championship" college football game may have been Michael Vick putting up a hell of a fight against Florida State.....or the pass interference called in the Miami/Ohio State game a few years ago.  Classic moments, huh.  But everyone has vivid Super Bowl and Final Four memories they can just roll out there. 

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