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The Best and Worst MLB Uniforms of 2015

Baseball uniforms can be iconic.  The Yankees pinstripes.  The Dodger blues.  The script D for the Tigers.  We've also had some wild ones and some awful ones.  With the 2015 MLB season approaching, we've got the look.  Who has the best and worst uniforms in the league.

Instead of ranking them 1 to 30, let's just put them in categories.  I mean, it is subjective to rank the Yankees against the Dodgers or even the Padres and Astros.  So let's just put them in these categories:


These are the uniforms that can just go away.  They are outdated or just plain garbage.  They've had better before and these are just taking away that magic.

PADRES:  For a franchise that has had some wild unis back in the day, their duds now are just plain duds.  Bring back the brown!!!  Seriously.  I like the Pads brown pinstripes from the 1980s.  Heck, even those Steve Garvey clothes.

ASTROS:  A shame.  The Astros had some awesome unis in the 1980s.  Now?  They look plain and awkward.  Especially since it marked their move to the American League.  Ugly.

DIAMONDBACKS:  The purple and teal were kinda fugly.  I like the logo but hate the plain red and black scheme of now.  Especially since the NHL's Coyotes and NFL's Cardinals already have those colors locked in.

INDIANS:  I like the cursive version, but not this blocky thing they have now.  I'm all for removing Chief Wahoo off of everything.  Except for the hat, go back to the Major League days.

BREWERS:  Wheat?  C'mon.  This wouldn't be as horrid if they didn't already have a perfect uniform before.  Go back to the glove logo, the lighter blue and the pinstripes!

MARLINS:  Gee.  This is theirs.  They own this and no one in baseball has anything like it.  That's cool and all.  However, when you are good, they have that kitchy feel to them.  When they stink, they look a bit goofy.  So, I guess, they'll look as they play.  I do like the black alternates better.


RAYS:  The Devil Rays era was a bit ugly, but these Rays unis are a bit sunny.  They'd be a bit sunnier if they actually played outdoors.  I actually like their fake retro uniforms better.

RANGERS:  Well, it isn't spectacular, but it has the Texas' red, white and blue on it.  Though simple, it has come a long way.

NATIONALS:  I'm not a big fan of the Nats jerseys.  First, the W looks like Walgreens.  Second, the color scheme ... though fitting with the name and location of the franchise ... has been done all over sports and baseball.  I mean, if not for the name, is this the uniform for the Nats, Indians, Braves, Angels, Rangers, etc?  It is a shame since the Montreal Expos (their former identity) used the same colors but much better and in a much more iconic way.

TWINS: Minnesota actually has some new uniforms for this season.  It isn't bad, but I like the World Series champion unis a lot better.  The gold addition and no pinstripes will take some getting used to.

BRAVES:  I've been as neutral as you can about the Braves uniforms. They have that right amount of nostalgia, class and yet stays current.  Other than the tons of alternate uniforms they can just get rid of, the Braves unis do the job.


ROCKIES:  Colorado hasn't changed their uniforms much since their inception in 1993.  The purple and silver is very unique to them.  I like the pinstripes and the fact that they've really haven't messes with it over the years.

ANGELS:  The Angels have had some bad looks over the years.  While their current jerseys don't wow you, they are classy, have their own style and the best they've had in their history.  Especially once you remember these.

METS:  Speaking of purple, the Mets are going back to the past for their new jerseys.  The pinstripes are back and the home look is a lot like those of their heydey of the 1980s.  I didn't much like the recent look.

MARINERS:  Seattle's uniforms are really nice.  The colors pop to me and they seem classy.  But they gave me this!  If the M's kept the uniforms the same and then changed the colors to their inaugural days, I'd love them.  At least we'll see them as an alternate uni this year.

REDS:  A lot of people aren't into the Reds' black shadowing or the block on the numbers, but I think it fits.  I wish they could incorporate the 1970s Reds look somehow with the current look.  Still, it takes the simple look and adds a bit of flair to it.

ATHLETICS:  I have a weird thing about green and gold.  My high school and college were those colors when I went there and I wasn't a fan.  But it works for the A's.  The classic design with a color scheme all their own.  Not to mention that they can go many ways with alternate uniforms.

WHITE SOX:  The ChiSox are near the classics.  Abandoning the gimmicks of the 1970s and 1980s, the White Sox went basic with black and white.  And it works.  The hats are a classic and the uniforms are sharp.

BLUE JAYS:  Like the Mets, the Blue Jays have smartly abandoned all those radical changes of the past decade and went back to what works.  Those Jays unis of their championship seasons and that nice lettering and number fonts.

GIANTS:  San Francisco, like I'll mention with the Pirates, have a ton of options with alternate jerseys.  But when they added the cream home jerseys to the name font, they hit it right on.  The only reason they aren't in the "classics" yet is because it isn't yet a classic.

ORIOLES:  The color scheme has been good and the change to the cartoon bird has been awesome.  I just want that white panel part to go away.

PHILLIES:  This is where I usually peel off from the rest of baseball.  I like the Phillies jerseys, but I love the Mike Schmidt-era jerseys.  The mash-up between the two will, I guess, have to do for me.


ROYALS:  Nearly perfect.  The Royal blue is beautiful.  I had missed the powder blue of the 1980s, but they have an alt uniform for that.

TIGERS:  The home jerseys are great and should never be touched.  The road uniforms just haven't had that same kind of feeling to them.

PIRATES:  Like the A's earlier, the Pirates can do a lot with their uniforms.  They don't have a monopoly on black and gold (not even in their city) but they have been able to make it into anything, especially with the franchise's history of wild arrangements.

CUBS:  The Chicago Cubs home jersey is up there with the greats.  It is perfect.  Similar to the Tigers, the road uniforms just haven't caught up.

DODGERS:  Just classic.  The Dodger blue, the clever red number on the front of the jersey.  These have always popped.

RED SOX:  Um.  Yeah.  They shouldn't even have an alternate jersey.

YANKEES:  These will never change.

CARDINALS:  Okay, look at the seven other teams in the Classics section.  Most have been around for 100 years.  Most have rarely changed.  Most are fairly ... simple.  I mean, pinstripes and a crossed N and Y?  Blue and white unis.  Your name stitched across the chest.  But the Cardinals have the best of the bunch.  The yellow bat with two intricate cardinals sitting on each side, while the Cardinals name is underneath.

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