Friday, March 6, 2015

Goodbye Tar Heel Seniors

Jackson Simmons, Desmond Hubert, Roy Williams and Luke Davis.

As the final home game of the year, it is senior night in Chapel Hill.  Due to some injuries, we won't get to see the senior class all start ... but here is my memories of each guy:

JACKSON SIMMONS:  Coach Williams' blowtorch.  Whenever he felt the effort was lacking on the floor, he'd put Simmons out there.  Simmons wasn't fast, wasn't big and wasn't a big time athlete.  But he is a coach's dream by doing exactly what his coaches taught him to do.

DESMOND HUBERT:  Hubert was like that guy you knew was going to play hard even though he really didn't have a ton of skill.  He was a defensive guy who blocked shots and stayed with his man.  He may have had the worst hands in the history of the program.  I rarely saw him catch a pass cleanly.  Still, he started as a Heel and he may play just a few minutes but he always active when he was out there.  Hubert is out for the season with a knee injury.

LUKE DAVIS:  Luke, we hardly knew ya.  Davis transferred to UNC from Gardner-Webb after his freshman season.  Coach Williams, after the disaster of losing Kendall Marshall during the 2012 NCAA tournament, was willing to take on as many point guards as he could.  Davis, this year, missed a lot of time with a foot injury.  Really, Davis didn't have Wes Miller-esque career I thought he could have but he did get to live a dream.

SASHA SEYMORE:  One of those walk-ons ... except he is the senior class president.  Amazing career at UNC.  He tore his ACL during garbage time against UAB and missed the remainder of the year.  Still, Sasha will have a bright career ahead of him as he's been awarded a Mitchell scholarship and will study in Northern Ireland next year.

Simmons will start since he's healthy, and Davis could be out there (he's still banged up).  I'd love to be able to see Hubert and Seymore able to limp out there for the tip and then come off the floor just so they can get that last moment of Tar Heel basketball.

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