Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Don't Get Soccer ... But I Get The World Cup

I like the World Cup.  I kinda, sorta get into it.  Just a little bit.  I will admit that 99% of all the soccer I will ever watch will be World Cup soccer.  I'm fine with that and I will always admit that.

That's says more about the World Cup itself than the sport.  The same way I'll watch Olympic swimming or curling is the same way I'll watch World Cup soccer.  It is a special event that does connect the world.  You have a tournament where all corners of the world come together.  You have the United States and Iran, Ghana and Spain, Chile and Korea.  Large countries like Russia and small countries like Costa Rica.

I know the Olympic have the same sort of thing and I do enjoy the Olympics better.  However, the World Cup is centered around the one sport and you can feel like you watched the entire event.  And there is no amateur or professional rules ... the best are there.

The United States won't be soccer crazy, but I've felt that it is a soccer country.  We are as patriotic as any nation on earth and love to support our athletes in any sport.  We love to be the best.  We aren't the best in soccer as much as we are getting pretty darn good.  The fact that we still love that says a lot about our love for the World Cup and our national team.

We aren't soccer crazy, but no foreign country has a bigger contingent of fans in Brazil for this tournament than the old U.S.A.  Americans are into it.

We aren't soccer crazy, but no World Cup has had a bigger attendance figure than when it was here in 1994.  Both per game and total attendance ... which says something since there are now more games in the tournament than ever before.  It also says a lot about the kind of melting pot the nation truly is.

I love the pageantry of the World Cup.  The beauty of it.

I just can't get into the soccer.


P.S.  At least this year there are no vuvuzelas.

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