Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stop Screwing With Extra Points, NFL!

Should we get rid of the extra point altogether?  
The NFL is trying to "fix" extra points.

First question I have is: Why?

Why?  I know that extra points are boring.  I know they are that moment when those of us at home get up, stretch and head to the bathroom to pee or the kitchen to load up on food and ale.  If you go to the game, it is just something you watch, like a kickoff that sails into the stands.  With professional kickers, the success rate of an extra point is so high that it is pretty much shocking to not see one converted.

Is that why you are messing with it?  Because it is boring?

Maybe it is a safety issue.  I mean, it is an untimed crash course seeing a long snapper get his wig snapped back.  One that can see a kicker or holder hurt.  One that sees injuries when there really wasn't need for it.

Is it safety?

Either way the NFL is trying to mess with it.  Trying to make it interesting.  The latest proposal has them attempting extra points from the 20 yard line.  That would mean instead of a 20 yard kick (the ball is spotted at the 2-yard line right now) it would be about a 37-yarder.  No offense, but the success rate will still be very high as professional kickers can knock in a 37-yarder in their sleep.  Sure, some more get missed but is it really enough to warrant this change to make the extra point have a bit more drama?

Really, the more likely reason an extra point is missed is due to a bad snap and not the kicker just missing it.  When that bad snap happens, we get that great moment where the holder is running around trying to find someone to throw it to.  If we get a 37-yd extra point, we really lose that.  Again, as rare as it occurs.

I liked the original idea of just eliminating the extra point altogether.  Just make every TD worth 7 points.  If a team wants to go for a conversion, give them 8 if it is successful or 6 if it is not.  That is pretty much every fans view of a TD is anyway.

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