Friday, February 6, 2009

Lakers Beat Celtics ... And NO It Isn't Revenge

What a big win! Odd since this was a game that I was fully expecting the Lakers to fall just because it was the 3rd road game in 4 days and I felt Kobe would a bit worn out.

A couple of things amazed me about this game:

-LA didn't play very well at all, yet went into the home of the NBA's best team (record-wise heading into the game) and defending champ and won. Without Bynum, there was a built in excuse if the Lakers lost this game. Yet LA did a masterful job matching Boston's intensity.

-Why did the Celtics go with that lineup once Garnett fouled out? The Lakers were going small so it wouldn't be a bad idea to stick Eddie House out there. He was on fire all game long yet couldn't get on the floor down the stretch.

-I was a bit surprised that Boston was the team that was affected by the physical nature of the game. The Lakers are (allegedly) the "soft" team who buckled last year and the C's are (allegedly) that tough hard-nosed bunch who are the 21st Century version of the Bad Boys. Yet Garnett and Rondo got caught up in the moment and hurt their teams.

-We need to hire Karma Lone to talk smack about LO and light a fire underneath him. Odom was possessed in the 2nd half.

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