Thursday, March 21, 2013

I HATE These Bland NCAA Courts

I know I've posted this at least once on this blog if not several times.  I believe I posted this when I worked for AOL's FanHouse.  But I have to say it yet again.


It is stupid.  Several years ago, the NCAA decided that those regional semifinals and finals would be played on courts that have black endlines with blue free throw circle and a huge NCAA logo at halfcourt.  Now, all of the courts in the entire tournament is like this and I find it dumb.

As a viewer, it sucks because you forget which game you are watching and where it is.  Like, I'm flipping back and forth between Michigan State-Valpo and Butler-Bucknell and find myself forgetting which one I'm watching (since I don't really care about either game).  Why can't the Butler-Bucknell game in Lexington have all that blue that we know Rupp Arena has.  Sure, hide the Kentucky Wildcats stuff, but let it have its identity.  Same with The Palace Of Auburn Hills.  Let them have those Pistons colors.  It gives each site its own identity.

Remember the red flooring of The Pit when NC State shocked Houston in 1983?  Or the orange floor of the Superdome when Michael Jordan hit the game winning jumper in 1982?  The burgundy floor at the Metrodome in 1992 or that one moment whatever your school made back in the day.  Now all those moments are on an ugly sanitized court that looks like the other 13 tournament sites that year. 

I hate it.

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