Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shaq: Kobe Wins and He'll Be Greatest Laker

In an interview (the video is shown here at LakersNation), Shaquille O'Neal says that if Kobe Bryant and the Lakers win tonight's Game 7 against Boston, he would be the greatest Laker ever.


He's in the discussion already, but I have to put Kareem and Magic ahead of him. Jerry West is a tough call. So is Shaq, himself, who dominated as a Laker.

This all smells like Shaq wants to know how Kobe's "ass tastes". Shaq is ... shockingly ... a free agent this summer. He still wants to play and he most likely wants to play for a winner. He tried to chase down a 5th ring in with Steve Nash in Phoenix and with LeBron James in Cleveland. It looks like he's trying to position himself to try to squeeze one more out with the Lakers.

If he is very cheap, it's not a bad move. I mean, he is better than DJ Mbenga. If he played cheap and was just a fill-in for Andrew Bynum then it could work. But the scuttlebutt that the roster would become just isn't worth it. I mean, you (probably) have the Zen Master next to The Black Mamba next to Ron-Ron next to Lamar Odom next to Shaq?

Anyways, it's nice to see that Shaq still loves him some Kobe Bryant.

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