Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sportz' Week 1 Picks


STEELERS over TITANS: Hard to go against the defending champions on the season opener.

FALCONS over DOLPHINS: Two teams who came from nowhere last year to get into the playoffs. I don't believe that either team will make it back this year. I do believe in the Falcons ability to control the ball.

BENGALS over BRONCOS: Not so much that Cincinnati is that much better but that Denver is in such disarray right now.

VIKINGS over BROWNS: Mr. Mangini, it doesn't matter who your starting QB is here.

COLTS over JAGUARS: Normally a good game, this one turns sour.

SAINTS over LIONS (Eliminator pick): Detroit will win a game sooner or later. Just not this soon.

COWBOYS over BUCCANEERS: Tampa scares me in this one ... but just a little bit. Dallas wins.

PANTHERS over EAGLES: Carolina plays well at home (well except their last one) and the Eagles are dealing with some injuries. The game of the day.

RAVENS over CHIEFS: Do you think KC's offense can deal with that Ravens D???

TEXANS over JETS: Mark Sanchez, meet Mario Williams.


CARDINALS over NINERS: I just don't like the 49ers offense at all.

SEAHAWKS over RAMS: Seattle is my surprise team this year.

PACKERS over BEARS: I'm a Packer Backer this year. I think they'll be nice. Two of the top emerging QBs in this one.

PATRIOTS over BILLS: New England starts their quest to go 16-0 again.

CHARGERS over RAIDERS: Oakland tends to get blown out in this game each year.

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