Monday, September 7, 2009

Sportz' Top Michael Jordan Moments

With Michael Jordan heading into the Basketball Hall Of Fame this coming weekend, everyone is going back and remembering their favorite Jordan moments. I'm doing the same, but from a different perspective.

I'm not doing a "greatest moments" package. I'm doing my own personal favorites list. What I will always remember about Jordan. As you can probably figure out from me being a Tar Heel fan, there are some Carolina-centric moments.

#10-I'M BACK: In a world where everyone wants to ramble on, Jordan's declaration that he was un-retiring with the simple press release, "I'm back", was classic!

#9-THE DUNK AGAINST MARYLAND: In an epic battle with Len Bias at Maryland, Jordan took a breakaway as the clock was expiring and brought down Cole Fieldhouse with a wicked dunk. Watch it here.

#8-DUMPING 63 ON THE CELTICS: Still a record for a postseason game, Jordan dumped 63 points on the eventual champion Boston Celtics. Amazing since he missed 64 games of that season with an injury.

#7-GOING OFF ON THE BLAZERS: His barrage of three-pointers in Game 1 of the 1992 Finals was amazing. He scored a Finals-record 35 first half points.

#6-HIS LAST SHOT AS A BULL: The free throw line jumper to beat the Utah Jazz for the 1998 NBA Championship should have been the perfect ending to a career. To many of us who forget his Wizards days ... it still is.

#5-1988 SLAM DUNK CHAMPIONSHIP: The best slam dunk contest ever. Maybe they look a little stale now, but this was the equivalent of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James having a dunk-off today. Two stars bringing their A+ game in Chicago.

#4-THE 1993 FINALS: This is one of my most memorable non-Laker Finals. I watched nearly every game at a local Hooters restaurant. And what a series it was! Jordan averaged a record 41 points in the six game series.

#3-THE SHOT OVER EHLO ... GOOD!: Amazing moment to end an amazing game.

#2-JORDAN'S RETIREMENT: I remember this vividly because I was attending UNC-Charlotte at the time. I was in the student hangout of the school when every television was on the news conference that Jordan was retiring. Remember, this was before internet and 24-hour news channels broke everything hours before the story was told. One of the reasons Jordan retired was due to his father's murder. As a young man living in North Carolina at the time ... THAT was the biggest story in quite some time.

#1-THE SHOT AGAINST GEORGETOWN: This is the first major Michael Jordan moment. Jordan hit the game winner against the Hoyas in the 1982 NCAA Championship game. The fact that a freshman on a team with James Worthy and Sam Perkins would even take a game winning shot like that is unreal. The fact that he hit it is legendary.

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