Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Moon Over Green Bay

"AFROS" stands for "America's Finest Receivers On Sunday"

Randy Moss caught a TD pass that pretty much put THE nail in the coffin of the Green Bay Packers season. He then ran over to the goalpost, mocked pulling his pants down and mooning the crowd. He then wiped his butt on the goalpost.

I was watching this in the break room at work. To be honest…we were all rolling. Some loud laughs…some snickers….some chuckles. But no one was outraged. Of course, when I got home…..I saw the controversy surrounding the incident [which was quite obvious]. I go to work today….and the same people that were laughing about it were all the sudden calling out Moss for making the “offensive action”. Please. You are only offended because you are told you should be.

I’m told how I am supposed to feel about things from the TV now. Sure, to some, I’m sure it was. Not everyone is down with self promotion in celebrations in sport.

The funniest thing about this whole incident is Joe Buck’s comments of how “disgusting” it was and how it didn’t deserve any air time on that network.


This is Fox we are talking about, right?? Didn’t this network bring us Temptation Island…a show that puts couples on an island and basically throws adultery at them?? Or Joe Millionaire….where a guy lies about his mad cheese in order to “test out“ a new mate?? Or A Simple Life where Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton skank their way around the country??? Or The Swan…where they carve up an ugly girl and make her into a Barbie?? Didn’t Fox pretty much invent scandalous television??

I like Buck and his talents. He is one of the top baseball play by play men in the biz. He’s darn good on football as well. But, c’mon Joe! Fox is even coming out with FOX REALITY CHANNEL!!! And Fox has some blame here. If you watched the game…you’ll see that the Fox cameras stuck on Moss every second after he caught the TD. No quick shot to Culpepper who threw it. No quick shot to Mike Tice celebrating. No quick shot to the Packer sideline in pain. Nope…keep it on Moss because people in break rooms and living rooms around to country are wondering why he’s so eager to get out of the hug he was receiving in the end zone.

Certain outlets won’t show the replay [all of my local news stations in Cincinnati did]. Some won’t post pictures of it. Yet, everyone is weighing in with their opinions…..including little ol’ me.

Now….was it dumb? Yes. Was it out of line?? Sure. Should he get fined? Most likely. Was it in poor taste? Sure. Was it offensive?? Not to me. And don’t give me any “but the kids” crap…because kids learn mooning after the first day of school. It won’t be the downfall of civilization. I mean, we’ve gotten over “Cell Phone-gate” and “Sharpie-gate” already.



mcwhoppitb said...

with all the crap they put on t.v and your worried about randys fake moon,get over it.

tr00man said...

I think he oughta, get a sponsor, to cover that 10 g's. maybe get Charmin to put a sticker on that moon..... then he could say he's got his full moon covered!