Sunday, January 9, 2005

Lingerie Bowl is Back In '05



Lingerie Bowl 2005 - Home of the Lingerie Football League (LFL)



The Lingerie Bowl will be back this year.

Last year the Lingerie Bowl made its debut on Pay Per View during halftime of the Super Bowl…and received pretty good amount of buys as men [especially ones hosting Super Bowl parties] have grown tired of the NFL’s halftime entertainment. Of course, that was before Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” quickly became the national obsession for, well, it is pretty much ongoing.

The format will change this year. Last year, the Lingerie Bowl pitted two teams [the Dream and Euphoria] in scantily clad uniforms playing in an actual tackle football game. There were refs, coaches Eric Dickerson and Lawrence Taylor....the whole nine yards. This year…there will be four teams competing in “football related events”. Basically to ensure the safety of everyone involved…and because that the protective equipment the ladies had to wear were an eye sore to the ooglers who bought the program.

                      Angie EverhartLingerie Bowl

They now have the LA Temptation and the Dallas Desire as, I guess, full time franchises.   Oh...and they'll have competition.  The fine people behind the classy line of "Girls Gone Wild" videos are planning their own, uh, programming. 

Crap like this is not new.  Remember those "Bud Bowls" in the early 1990s?  Other shows like "In Living Color" and "Celebrity Deathmatch" have also tried to lure people who aren't interested in watching an impromptu concert pop off with all the lip synching and horrible cross-hymoginizing of musical genres.


Hate it if you must....but there is a lot of money and seriousness [I guess] at stake here.  The Super Bowl is the most watched TV event, usually, and these people know that.  They also know that about 1/3 of the people in front of the TV set watching the Super Bowl probably didn't even know who was playing in the game when the walked in the door.  They are there for the party....the entertainment. 

And depending on where you are....sometimes dictates what you watch.  Maybe a few bars will have the Lingerie Bowl on.  Maybe some other programming.  All I know is that I will not be watching the Paul McCartney halftime show....just as I didn't watch the halftime show last year [yep, I missed the malfunction].  Truth be told...I flipped around the channels and actually was caught up in something on the National Geographic channel, before flipping back to the game and seeing some fake official streak on to the field. 

So, if you want to buy the Lingerie Bowl....feel free.  It is your money they want...and they can have it. 

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