Friday, October 8, 2004

Slamming Sammy!!!

Sammy Sosa was fined one game check….roughly $87,000.…for showing up late and leaving early during Sunday’s Cubs season finale. Now he’s filing a grievance with the players union. Get real.

Let me say this. I neither love nor hate the Cubs. I’m indifferent towards them. But, in my opinion, Sammy Sosa needs to shut up.

For the past two seasons….we’ve heard more whining from Sammy than anything worth screaming about on the field. He’s complained about manager Dusty Baker….corking bats….moving down in the lineup. Actually, this was a Cubs trend all year. Complaining. Word was that Cubs players were “hurt” by criticism from the Cubs television announcers. Sosa also was criticized for hurting his back….sneezing.

Sosa is the face of the Cubs franchise. Not only the face of the Cubs…but one of the faces of baseball. If you ask non-baseball fans to name 5 players….Sosa’s name would come out of a lot of mouths. It is rare that someone with his background becomes so popular. He’s achieved that status as a Dominican-born player who basically came from nothing. He turned that into a contract that will pay him $17M next season and numerous endorsement deals.

He didn’t have a horrible year. In just 126 games…he knocked 35 HR and 80 RBI. But he hit just .253 for the season and was a bad teammate. Not only did he miss time for sneezing…but he also was miffed about dropping down in the batting order to appease the acquisition of Nomar Garciaparra. And, on the final day of the season in which the Cubs had just recently been eliminated…Sosa bolted during the game. Oh, he said he was in the clubhouse. Okay. And that corked bat you used was just an accident, right??

What is that?? Since the Cubs massively underachieved, they’ll have October off. They’ll also be off from November to February too. In March, Sosa will do some light sprints, workouts, and a few swings in spring training. Is it too much to ask to stay just one more day?? After all, you’re getting paid $87,000 that day to be there. Most people don’t make half that in a YEAR!! It’s not worth rooting on your teammates that rooted for you during the season??? It’s not worth it to fans who showed up to the Cubs finale at Wrigley Field to just stick around….maybe tip your cap to them for paying your salary….and just watch the game. I mean, most of them paid $50 to be there. The Cubs are paying you $87K to be there.

Now, Sosa and his agent believe the fine is too severe. Huh??? You were fined one game’s pay. The game that your client didn’t show up for. Why should he get paid?? There are also underlying rumors of possible trade talks. Sosa says he wants to stay….but the Cubs would like to move him. It is highly unlikely since he’s set to make $17M next year. Too much for a slugger on the decline.

This is just another black eye for a Chicago Cubs team that just dumped all over their lofty expectations.

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fueledbyvicodin said...

well,i am a diehard cubfan and i have been for years,sammy has helped this team in many ways and i am so sick of him being slammed all the time for the cubs mistakes.there are 24 other players on that team that helped to there failure,look at there third base coach wendall kim,cmon that guy has blown more runs then the ignorant closer hawkins,and why in the world would you keep putting hawkins game after game to blow it.the season was a diasaster from a manager standpoint.grudz playing instead of walker,bakers decision to pull pitchers to put the bullpen in to lose the game,i mean i could go on and on this was the most diasapointing year ive seen in a long far as sammy goes,yes he should be fined a lot more for leaving that game,i dont know what happened to him this year but for people to say he did not have a bad year,he did,i watched every game.the homeruns he hit barely made it out of the park,sometimes he would k 4 to 5 times in one game,errors in the field.this was his worst year in a long time.i used to love sosa until the last game,but he is not to blame for this season,and cmon people the corked you know a corked bat will only add 5 to 13 feet on a homerun,do u really think sammy needs a corked bat to hit a homerun,gimmie a break,im sick of hearing about it,whether he used that bat on purpose or not trust me he does not need cork to leave the yard.all im saying is ,sammy was wrong for what he did,his season sucked,but there is a lot more blame to be put elsewhere on this team for what happened this year,there is no way the cubs should not be in the postseason with the team they had.