Monday, October 18, 2004


The NBA season is drawing to celebrate, I've launched my new SPORTZ' Laker Land journal that will feature not only Laker News...but the entire NBA.

Most of the people who know me on here, know that my main expertise is the NBA.  I love football.  I like baseball a lot.  I keep the NHL in an arm's distance.  NCAA hoops and football are loves too.  But the NBA, as a whole, is a league I understand and get into completely.  I get into the stats, player info and entire essence of the game.  So, hopefully you people that follow my Sportz Assassin Journal and my SPORTZ ASSASSIN ON REDSKINS journals will come aboard and check out my new expansion. 

So far, I've put my team-by-team previews for each division.  I'll have more on there shortly.


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