Thursday, October 7, 2004

Like My Skins...I Need To Regroup

Okay.  Just like all of those 1-3 teams….I need to regroup.  After Week 4, I am 39-21.  Not bad….but not really great either.  Still, it is a 66% clip….but a coin could at least get you 50%.  So, here I go.


FALCONS E-VICK-T LIONS.  Last week, I said that the Panthers would at least come up with a plan to contain Vick after their bye.  Well, they did….but they forsake everything else.  The Lions are coming off their bye…and maybe learned from Carolina’s mistakes.  One thing to consider, however, is that the Falcons defense has really improved.  They shook up Delhomme after surrendering just 3 the week prior.  That defense will keep the Lions at bay.  Falcons 16-10


PATRIOTS KEEP DOLPHINS DOWN.  The win-streak record will be broken.  Even when the Pats aren’t playing well…they still win.  And of all the teams to break it against….Miami.  What a week for Miami.  Not only are they 0-4…but now Ricky Williams wants to come back and the media is hounding them about it.  That actually may not be a bad thing.  It could rile the Phins up and show that they don’t need Ricky.  Actually, they need an entire offense.  Patriots 27-9


SAINTS SMACK BUCCANEERS.  What has happened to Tampa??  Just two years ago…they rolled in the Super Bowl.  Now, they are 0-4 and have benched their QB.  Their RB is out for the year and they have no receivers to speak of.  N’Awlins defense is nothing to write home to mom about….but they are serviceable against this team.  Saints 24-14


STEELERS WIPE UP BROWNS.  Big Ben has performed quite well…and Maddox may not get his job back.  The Steelers also have a nice system of Staley running all over the field, and the Bus punching it in.  The defense hasn’t been bad either.  As for Cleveland…Garcia is having problems with running the offense.  He’s concentrated on learning the offense…but isn’t reading defenses well.  But, who cares if Lee Suggs and William Green are running the ball well.  Still, Pittsburgh has more weapons and just a better overall team.  Steelers 20-13


VIKINGS ROPE TEXANS.  Houston has had one heck of a few weeks.  However, Minnesota poses some problems.  Namely Moss and Culpepper.  If the Texans can stop the run game, they could force those two to make plays [which they can].  The Vikes run game will be hindered by the loss of Bennett to injury and Smith to suspension.  Moe Williams is an okay replacement.  I don’t think Carr will worry about having to shave anything after a 3rd straight win.  Vikings 23-20


COWBOYS TAME GIANTS.  I love NFC East games, obviously.  And this is a big one.  These two seem like they’ll be in the thick of the wildcard hunt.  The Giants are playing better…but the Cowboys are the better team.  It will be interesting to see which team can force their will on the other.  I think Dallas has better downfield weapons on offense and a quick defense that can hold Tiki Barber.  Cowboys 16-14


COLTS STAMPEDE RAIDERS.  Nothing against the Raiders, but Indy is rolling.  At the RCA Dome….they are a totally explosive team.  Just look at their lone home game thus far.  Oakland struggled against Houston and Collins, himself, turned the ball over FIVE TIMES!!!!  Colts 30-13


CHARGERS EEK BY JAGUARS.  Here, I guess, is my upset pick.  I really have no justification for it.  San Diego is mainly a [good] run team that Brees has enhanced by being able to sling it.  Their defense isn’t that great….and Leftwich can exploit that.  I just think that LT will have a big game and give San Diego their 3rd win.  Chargers 17-13


JETS ASSAULT BILLS.  This is an interesting game.  Buffalo woke up last week only to get beaten down the stretch by New England.  The Jets won a decent game against Miami.  The Bills are consistently inconsistent.  Their defense is good…but not as good as Miami’s…and they tend to make mistakes.  The Jets are at home…and should come out with the win.  Jets 21-16


CARDINALS BEAT NINERS.  In the “Ugly Game Of The Week”…we get this classic matchup.  The Niners have the 12th rated defense….but they allow 27 points per game.  Which means two things:  they give up big scoring plays and their offense leaves the defense hanging.  Arizona has actually played well over the season thus far.  So, I’ll pick them.  Cardinals 24-20


SEAHAWKS SLOW DOWN RAMS.  You know Holmgren will have them ready.  If Seattle wins this game, they’ll have a 2-game buffer against everyone in the division.  That’s big when securing playoff position.  The Rams, in turn, need this game to survive.  Martz hasn’t shown that he can win a game like this.  Especially against a Seattle defense that has only allowed just over 4 points a game.  Seahawks 21-17


BRONCOS OVER PANTHERS.  That Panther offensive line is bad….and that’s killing the run game and Delhomme.  Their defense has under performed as well.  The Broncos defense is one of the NFL’s best.  And they’ll be facing that bad O-line…no Steve Smith and no Stephen Davis.  Bye-bye Carolina.  Broncos 27-10


RAVENS OUTSMART REDSKINS.  This is a “pick-em” game…which means they are pretty even.  Not really.  Statistically, the Skins defense is better.  So is their offense.  But, watching the games…the Ravens just seem better.  As a Redskin fan….I’ll say this:  it will be close, with some sort of mental lapse costing Washington the game.  Sound familiar??  Same story as Weeks 2, 3 and 4.  And you know B-more is angry after their Monday night defensive meltdown.  Ravens 23-17


PACKERS KNOCK DOWN TITANS.  We have no clue who will QB these teams….but I do know Ahman Green will be running against a defense that let LT crap all over them.  Packers 20-10

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