Monday, October 4, 2004

Philly, New England and Atlanta Continue To Roll

Well….I didn’t do so well this week. A mediocre 7-6.….putting my record to 39-20. Not bad….but I’m not fighting Wayne Root for parlay odds advertisements. Oh, well….there were 10 road favorites this week…so some of them had to fall. And the Redskins, Titans and Saints did. Also, the Eagles, Patriots and Falcons each continued their undefeated ways….while the Jags run was stopped.


EAGLES BOUNCE BEARS. Grossman is out and Quinn really didn’t impress. He really won’t impress against that Philly D. They will try to pound it with Thomas Jones…but, maybe, to no avail. The Eagles are the better team here. They’ll win their 14th game in their last 15 tries. Eagles 30-13

The Eagles did bounce those Bears…though Chicago didn’t get blown out necessarily. Of course, Philly only scored the one TD….to TO. And Thomas Jones didn’t make a difference. That Chicago defense is pretty underrated.

PATRIOTS BELT BILLS. Nothing against the Bills…but this Patriot team is on a mission. They will blitz, blitz, blitz poor Drew Bledsoe so that he makes some bad decisions. Of course, remember that one of their two losses last year was a butt-kicking in Buffalo. This will be a defensive struggle….which means a close game. Pats have Brady…the Bills, Bledsoe. Hmmmm. Patriots 16-6

Well, not the defensive struggle I pictured….but the Pats’ Tom Brady got it done in the 4th quarter after a tie game.

TEXANS ROLL RAIDERS. This is one of the most intriguing games on the slate. Neither team has been great…but both have had their moments. Houston is coming off a win IN KC. They are even tougher at home [even though they lost to the Bolts]. However, they will be without Domanick Davis…so David Carr and Andre Johnson will need to come up big. So will their defense. A tight one….but the Raiders will fall a little short. Texans 23-21

Wow, pretty good call. David Carr and Andre Johnson hooked up for a TD score….and the defense played very well…in a “bend don‘t break“ sort of way. They forced FIVE turnovers….one for a touchdown. Wells played well in Davis’ place.

COLTS JOLT JAGUARS. This could be another great game. What a win this would be for the Jags!! If they did win this…that means they’ve beaten the Titans and Colts this year already…and have a 2-game lead in the division. We all know the big matchup is that tough Jag defense against the wild Colt offense. But, will the Jags’ offense wake up against that porous Colts’ D?? Well, not enough to beat Manning and Co. Colts 26-17

Okay….24-17. Jacksonville hung in this game and made quite a comeback. But, when the chips were down, Manning led his team to the winning drive. The Jags’ offense did wake up against that bad Colts defense….something that still keeps them below the Patriots, Eagles and Seahawks right now.

STEELERS BEAT BENGALS. Big Ben showed me a lot….standing in against that Mighty Dolphin Defense during a hurricane and delivering several solid drives. Carson Palmer has looked good too…but has made bad mistakes at bad times. In the end…it will be defense and rushing that wins this game. I just think that the Steelers are a little better at both. Not to mention that the Bengals have struggled shutting down the run game…and they have injuries on their defense to deal with. Steelers 17-13

A little more scoring from the youngsters. Pittsburgh tends to be able to have big things happen with Big Ben out there. Palmer [again I say this] played well…but made very bad decisions at crucial times. Once he gets thru that, which happens to young guys, he will be one heck of a QB. Those Bengals have become a horrible run defense.

JETS DOWN DOLPHINS. The Jets, remember, are 2-0. The Dolphins are 0-3...and have looked horrible. Their O-line is bad….their backs are worse. They’ve [again] changed quarterbacks. And the Jets have had two weeks to prepare for this. I’m sure we will see a heavy dose of Curtis Martin. Jets 21-9

I’ve chronicled the horrors of the Dolphins season. Do you realize that this is the first Sunday afternoon game they’ve played this year?? Tennessee…hurricane forced it to Saturday. Cincinnati….Sunday night. Pittsburgh…hurricane forced it to Sunday night. Not that this means anything…just a little tidbit for a boring game.

RAMS NIX NINERS. The Niners have been game this year, aside from last week’s smack down from Sea-town. The Rams haven’t. Their defense has struggled, they have no run game, and Martz is being exposed. Talent-wise, however, the Rams are much, much better. Add to the fact that San Fran has some injury issues…and the Rams eek this one out. Rams 21-20

The Rams looked awesome…climbing to a 24-0 lead. Their run game was back. Actually, it never left….it was just forgotten. The Niners may be in for a long season.


REDSKINS BURY BROWNS. I guess Sgt. Kellen Winslow II won’t show the Redskins what they’re missin’, huh?? A freak play has landed KW2 on the sidelines for the rest of the year. Garcia’s numbers aren’t very good, especially in their last 2 games. Washington has played better than the Giants and Cowboys….but lost both games because of mistakes, both on the field and mentally. This is pretty much a must game for the Skins…especially in a division where Philly is off to a fast start. So expect to see Portis with the ball a lot. Redskins 24-17

Ah, my Redskins continue to disappoint! The Browns did a nice job in containing the Skins run game…and the Skins, again, imploded. Portis and Coles each lost fumbles…and a big 1 of 11 on 3rd-down conversions. Not to mention the Browns methodically drove down the field for the game winning drive.  Brunell only completed 17 of his 38 passes [UGH!]....all with the Redskin coaches headsets and phones malfunctioning.  The Browns OWN the Redskins, winning 33 of the 43 lifetime matchups.

PACKERS GAG GIANTS. After that lightning quick game last week, the Packers will calm down a little this go around. The Giants want to run the ball. If the Pack can stop that…they can get pressure on Warner. Turnovers will be a big key, since the G-men have thrived on them. Packers 20-10

Again, wrong in the outcome. But, the Pack did calm down a little [errrr….a lot]. And, since the Pack couldn’t stop the run [the Giants gained 245 yards on the ground] they couldn’t get pressure on Warner. And, turnovers were the key. Green Bay turned it over 3 times.

SAINTS CLAMP CARDINALS. As much as things change….the more they stay the same. Arizona still sucks. Not that it is entirely their fault. But, most of it was. The Saints have shown an ability to come back in games….beating the Niners and Rams with key 4th quarter drives. They shouldn’t have to worry about that here. Saints 28-17

Not only did the Saints not win…they were demolished. Sadly, it was Emmitt Smith that did them in. He ran for 127 yards….ran in a touchdown…and even threw a TD pass. The Cards have played tough this year. They don’t suck. Sorry Arizona. Close losses to the Rams and Falcons plus a good showing against the Patriots. Nothing to be ashamed of. Those teams are a combined 10-2 this year.

PANTHERS FLOG FALCONS. This is one of those times that an early bye worked out. Last year, Vick killed the Panthers in Atlanta for an overtime win. This time, John Fox and the Panthers have had two weeks to prepare for Vick….who really hasn’t looked all that great yet. Well, this won’t be the week he gets off. Vick is looking to be 4-0 against Carolina. Panthers 21-13

Vick STILL kills the Panthers. This is almost like Jordan against the Cavaliers. He owns them. Well, actually, Vick still didn’t look good. But he didn’t have to. Dunn and Duckett did. That vaunted front four for the Panthers didn’t look like it. The Panthers offensive line is a big problem. They cannot run the ball and they cannot protect Delhomme. Remember, Carolina dominated a BAD Chiefs defensive line.

BUCCANEERS SWASH BRONCOS. For some reason, I like Tampa here. The Broncos haven’t looked good yet…and their opening win over the Chiefs doesn’t look as great anymore [since everyone else is beating them too]. For as hopeless as the Tampa situation looks….they lost a very close game to Washington….a close game to the Seahawks….and weren’t totally out of the Raider game. I think they can get the job done here…if they don’t do anything stupid. 14-6

I guess I can say this….Tampa Bay sucks!! The defense is still pretty good….but cannot punish opponents the way they used to. Right now, the Broncos defense does that. Really, neither offense looks good.

TITANS CLOBBER CHARGERS. Scary thing….the Titans couldn’t stop Edgerrin James or Fred Taylor. Now they gotta face Tomlinson!!! The Titans’ Chris Brown will be key here…as with a dinged up McNair makes him all the more valuable. The Titans NEED this game. Fish has them ready to rumble. Titans 26-23

I was pretty correct up until the word “Fish”. The Titans COULDN’T stop LT. Chris Brown WAS key [he didn’t play well]. McNair WAS dinged up [DNP]. The Titans NEEDED this game. But, they weren’t ready to rumble….they just took a big tumble. Think about it….the Chargers ROLLED them!!!


RAVENS SCALP CHIEFS. The Ravens defense has been playing so well…and their offense hasn’t been that bad either. The Chiefs are struggling at both. They have no receivers to take the pressure off of Gonzo and Holmes….and now Dante Hall may not play. For a team that has so much offense a year ago….what happened?? Baltimore should have a field day here….especially because Jamal Lewis will have a big game. Ravens 27-13

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