Monday, April 21, 2014

Blake Griffin Should Be Suspended For Water Incident

To me, this is unreal. Yeah, it is partially funny just because it would be cool to do that to a buddy or something and we've all had that feeling about someone bugging you.  But for an NBA player ... playing at home ... to act like that is quite shocking.

Blake Griffin should be suspended.

If Griffin confronted a fan and pushed him, he'd be suspended.  If he threw a towel at a fan, he'd be suspended.  Well, he dumped water all over the fan and then flipped the cup directly at him.

It was definitely on purpose.  Not only did he size up the fan, he dumped water all over him and then tosses the cup at him.  Not even bothering to look in the cup to see if it had anything in it.

Suspend him.

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