Friday, March 18, 2011

NCAA's "Official" Box Score Of Duke Game Filled With Errors

Hat tip to ACC NOW:

The NCAA's official box score of the Duke-Hampton game is filled with factual errors. The biggest one ... the freakin' final score!

The final score of the game was Duke 87-Hampton 45. has the "offical" score as 87-47. Um, wrong. More problems as laid out by ACC NOW:
Hampton’s Brandon Tunnell was credited with an extra field goal and Darrion Pellum with an extra missed field goal, as the Pirates were 19-for-55 from the field, not 20-for-57. The Pirates had 29 rebounds, not 22; and four assists, not three.

Duke, meanwhile, was 32-for-60 from the field, not 32-for-59 -- Kyle Singler was 4-for-9 from the field, not 4-for-8. Duke had 38 rebounds, not 35.
To cap it off, the official play-by-play credited Hampton's Tunnell with a bucket with five seconds left. Except that in the real game ... Duke's Kyrie Irving held on to the ball and dribbled out the clock.

Amazing that a body like the NCAA that helms over many of the finest universities in our nation can just completely screw up an official box score of an NCAA Tournament game featuring the defending national champions.

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