Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let's Keep Our Mouth Guards IN Out Mouths, M'kay?

Mouth guards have been all the rage in the NBA over the last couple of years. What was once used by only a few of the big bangers underneath has become the must need accessory in the League.

Back in my day (1990s), wristbands were the thing. Except you had them everywhere but your wrists. Usually they were a lot higher up on the arm. We've seen the sleeves come en vogue as well as those pads that protect the ribs. Naturally, mouth guards would be next. I have only one problem with that, though.


There is nothing better to watch than NBA players leaving their mouth guards hanging out of their mouths. We have the subtle hang. There is also the end-of-the-guard-in-the-mouth trick. Some actually touch the guard and take it completely out of their mouth.

I get that mouth guards aren't comfortable. If they were, everyone would be wearing them. I understand that during the down time of a game, you want to take it out and a basketball uniform doesn't really lend many places to store it. Football players can hang it in their facemasks or leave it dangling on a strap. Hoops guys have it tougher.

So I'll make a deal with you: Kill the halfway chew-a-thon on your mouthpiece and you may take it out with your hand to hold on to it.

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