Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sportz' BSC Playoff Picture

Another week ... but not as much shakeup:

#1-Alabama (SEC Champ)
#2-Texas Tech (Big XII Champ)

#12-Cincinnati (Big East Champ) vs #5-Oklahoma
#11-Miami (ACC Champ) vs #6-USC (Pac10 Champ)
#10-Boise State at #7-Penn State (Big Ten Champ)
#9-Ohio State at #8-Utah (Top ranked non-BCS Champ)

I have 12 teams make the BSC: the champion from the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big XII, SEC and Pac10. I also make it mandatory that the highest rated non-BCS school gets a playoff spot. The remaining five spots go to at-large teams ... with the cutoff point at three schools from one conference.

There are seeds and the games are played at the higher seed's home. The top four seeds get a first round bye. Obviously, I'm guessing on who would win the conference championship games.

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