Monday, November 17, 2008

ACC Update - 11/17

Another wild week in the ACC. Here is the update, with the list of division teams they have beaten:

Maryland (4-2): W: Wake Forest, Clemson, NC State
Wake Forest (4-3): W: Florida State, Clemson. L: Maryland, NC State
Florida State (4-3): W: Clemson, NC State. L: Wake Forest, Boston College
Boston College (3-3): W: Florida State, NC State. L: Clemson
Clemson (3-4): W: Boston College, NC State. L: Maryland, Wake Forest
NC State (2-4): W: Wake Forest. L: Maryland, Clemson, Boston College

Miami (4-2): W: Virginia Tech, Virginia, Duke. L: North Carolina
Georgia Tech (4-3): W: Duke. L: Virginia Tech, Virginia
Virginia Tech (3-3): W: Ga Tech, North Carolina. L: Miami
Virginia (3-3): W:Ga Tech, North Carolina. L: Miami, Duke
North Carolina (3-3): W: Ga Tech, Miami. L: Virginia, Virginia Tech
Duke (1-5). W: Duke. L: Ga Tech, Miami

Miami at Georgia Tech [Thu]: The top two teams in the Coastal Division fight it out for a spot in the ACC Championship game. If Tech wins, it could set off the mother of all tie-breaking procedures.
NC State at North Carolina: The Tar Heels have to get up off the mat after seeing their Orange Bowl dreams all but flame out. Look out: NC State is getting warm.
Clemson at Virginia: The Wahoos still have a shot at winning their division. Who would have thought that they would but Clemson wouldn't?
Boston College at Wake Forest: Are there any two teams in this league that drive you more bananas?
Duke at Virginia Tech: Duke's mission is to upset the Hokies attempt to win the division.
Florida State at Maryland: Maryland actually controls their own destiny and gets the Noles in their backyard. Best game of the week.

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