Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crazy ACC

Another wild week in the ACC. Here is the update, with the list of division teams they have beaten:

Wake Forest (4-2): W: Florida State, Clemson. L: Maryland
Florida State (4-2): W: Clemson, NC State. L: Wake Forest
Maryland (3-2): W: Wake Forest, Clemson, NC State
Boston College (2-3): W: NC State. L: Clemson
Clemson (2-4): W: Boston College, NC State. L: Maryland, Wake Forest
NC State (1-4): L: Maryland, Clemson, Boston College

Virginia Tech (3-2): W: Ga Tech, North Carolina
North Carolina (3-2): W: Ga Tech, Miami. L: Virginia, Virginia Tech
Miami (3-2): W: Virginia, Duke. L: North Carolina
Georgia Tech (4-3): W: Duke. L: Virginia, Virginia Tech
Virginia (3-3): W: Ga Tech, North Carolina. L: Miami, Duke
Duke (1-4). W: Duke. L: Ga Tech, Miami

Virginia Tech at Miami: Huge game in the Coastal Division. A Hokies win puts them as the favorite to win it.
North Carolina at Maryland: Big game for both surprise teams. It is pretty much a must-win for both teams.
Boston College at Florida State: The Noles are in a dogfight with Wake for the Atlantic Division lead. BC needs a win or they are done.
Wake Forest at NC State: Wake cannot fall asleep against the Atlantic Division doormat.
Duke at Clemson: Both teams are out of the conference race

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