Monday, July 25, 2005

My Last Day To Be Young

             more day and I become 30 years old.  No more the I have to be a responsible adult.   On Tuesday, July 26....I become a "thirty-something".  In sports are either at your peak or beginning your decline. 

I've noticed by sports attire has worn down into some Carolina t-shirts and hats...with some Skins gear to be worn on Gameday.  In my time...I've worn the Starter jackets and zubaz shorts [didn't pimp the pants].


No more compression shorts....or my Magic Johnson jersey...or Doug Williams jersey [which had candle wax burned into it after having to live by candlelight after Hurricane Hugo].  I even had a freakin' Eric Montross jersey that was a t-shirt.  I played in a Hoop-It-Up tournament when I was 18 and we all wore Golden State Warriors jerseys [I wore Webber's #4....while Sprewell, Mullin and Hardaway were worn by my teammates]. 

Yeah...I am getting old.

So old...that my NBA team, the Lakers, just drafted a guy that was born in 1987.  I remember 1987 as a 8th grader at Eastway Jr High in East Charlotte.  My birthday lies on the EXACT same day as Joe Smith....the #1 overall pick in the 1995 NBA Draft.  Dude's been in the NBA for 10 years now!!!

Oh...and what really makes me feel worse is the fact that I am ONE DAY OLDER than some guy named Alex Rodriguez...who is pulling in $25,000,000 a year as a New York Yankee.  Ouch. 

But...I am not alone.  Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, both members of OutKast, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Angelina Jolie, Allen Iverson, Tobey McGuire, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Tara Reid, Marion Jones, that chick who played Blossom and Tiger Woods also turn 30 this year with me.  But...uh, PeytonManning, Reese Witherspoon, Joey Lawrence, 50 Cent, Colin Farrel, the dude who played in Wonder Years, the girl who played DJ on Full House, the chick who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch...and Erkel...all turn 30 next year.  UGH!!!!

Doing some more birthday [July 26] is also Kate Beckinsdale's....and Sandra Bullock.  And Mick Jagger.  And Kevin Spacey [yeah...Usual Suspects!!!].  And Stanley Kubrick [possibly my favorite director].   And the State of New York. 


My wife and I celebrated it this weekend by seeing "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with our rent-a-kids on Saturday....then had a lovely dinner and saw "Wedding Crashers" on Sunday.  With our hectic's so nice just to be able to chill out with my wife for a day.  Actually, something I've been able to do a lot of over the past two weeks. 





monponsett said...

Happy Birthday!!

budweiserque3n said...

I love my old man!

sportzassassin said...

Thanks, old lady.  I love you too!!!