Monday, July 11, 2005

Kobe's New Nike Ad

             Kobe Bryant

Remember July 2003?  Before then, most everyone had seen that Sprite ad with Kobe Bryant telling everyone to "Obey Their Thirst".  Most of us remember Kobe being selected to play in that little pickup game with the kids....and one kid reminding Kobe that the winner gets McDonalds. 

Of course, everything changed after July 2003.  He was accused of rape by the court of public opinion...and that is the court that matters to Madison Avenue.  You see, they can still pimp people in trouble if the public still likes them.  Kobe was now the enemy.

I'm not going to relive the saga...nor am I goint to justify or condemn anything anyone did.  If sticking Kobe's face on your product was bad for business....then it made sense to cut him off.  The Golden Child with the squeaky clean image that some felt didn't have enough street cred to sling kicks, Big Macs and Sprite was now so tainted that everyone broke him off.  Osama Bin Laden may have had a better Q rating than Kobe.


Now it is July 2005....and Nike has a new Nike ad ready to go.  It is just a plain black ad, with his face and several lines of text.  It is a bold move by Nike, becoming the first sponsor to bring back Kobe from the netherworlds of sport's outcasts.  It is also a bold move for Kobe - thrusting his name back into the public as someone trustworthy enough to sell product.

It keeps with the concept that the Lakers and Kobe Bryant are running with right now.  Redemption.  For it wasn't just Kobe that suffered a huge image was also the Los Angeles Lakers and anyone associated with the Lakers.  The Lakers went from "great dynasty" to "hoops circus" in a matter of months.  Then, with Kobe at the helm, the Lakers missed the playoffs for the first time in over a decade.  Being of fan of the Lakers and/or Kobe Bryant means you support a 'rapist'.  Not was Kobe not only accused of rape....but of single-handily bringing down the greatest NBA franchise of the past 25 years. 

He went from the guy that was so right about the NBA to the guy that represented all that was wrong.  The one guy everyone KNEW turned out to be just another stereotypical NBA player:  adulterous, greedy, power hungry, ego-driven, selfish super star.  All he needed was a marijuana arrest and a few extra kids and he had the entire thing locked down. 


2005-2006 is set to be the redemption season for Kobe.  Phil Jackson, the coach he supposedly ran off, is now back to coach the Lakers....sans Shaq.  LA is trying to make a postseason run again...and the humbling of Kobe and Phil Jackson are at the center of this redemption.  Phil knows that if he wins anything at all will pretty much put a stamp on his career that he could take a bad team and make them good.  In doing so, Kobe can boost up his career.  From young overrated.

The Nike Ad is a start.  Below is the text from the ad:

You failed.

1000 made jumpers.

No playoffs.

Abs 200 x 5.


Curls 15 x 3.


Bench press 2 x 15.

Not a leader.

Baselines x 20.

A fluke.

300 made bank shots.

Too young.

Lunges 15 x 4.


Tricep press 10 x 4.

Played out.

800m run x 2.


400m x 5.

No focus.

Calf raises 12 x 3.

You're burnt.

Squats 2 x 10.

An outcast.

Reverse hyper 10 x 4.

Past your prime.

Box jumps x 3.

Ball hog.

100m run x 10.

You're garbage.

100 made free throws.

Too cold.

Military press 8 x 4.

You're mental.

Five-mile run.


fforefatdaddy said...

kobe is the greatest and i'm glad everyone hates it will make me look like nastrsdamus

fforefatdaddy said...

don't front niggas kobe's the best and maybe the best ever?

jharris417 said...

Pathetic.  I would love to know how I am supposed to explain, as an educator of many African American males, that a person can be accused of rape, a known adulterer, liar, and misogynist (refer to his original police interview after the Colorado incident on and still become the focal point of an ad campaign for over-priced, popular basketball shoes.  There MUST be positive African American male role models out there somewhere!  I will be encouraging EVERYONE to stop purchasing Nike products.

Dr. Jodi Harris

lovu4eva said...

Yes, Kobe has made have YOU! Yes Kobe is paying for his are YOU! No, Kobe is not perfect...neither are YOU! The world is showing him should YOU!
To Dr. J (don't remember your name), I'm VERY sure you have caused hurt to someone (to be nice), and they should shun you; you should not be looked up to as a respectable doctor, why, because YOU have made a mistake. Now is that fair to YOU? Shouldn't you get another chance? Shouldn't you be forgiven? Should your children (if any) not see you as a role model? Of course not! YOU deserve a second chance, YOU deserve forgiveness, so please, DO NOT HAVE A ONE TRACK MIND. If YOU still desire not to accept Kobe, do so on YOUR own and let others decide whether to love him or hate him.
Kobe is a remarkable athlethe, and he is growing & learning how to be a better leader, player, friend, son, father, & most importantly a better husband. He is the best player in the league, so THANK YOU Nike for having a forgiving spirit.

Da Worshiper

uniquejava said...

I am a Kobe fan from China,  I dont' know too much about his past, i just know he is great these days and in this season, I am enjoying every game Lakers give us and it's really great fun.
I am a faithful fan of him, good journey on his NBA life. and best wishes for his family his wife and his lovely little daughter.

It's really great seeing his big smile :)

xjillian3x said...

Whether he's guilty or not, thats between him and the girl. As a fan, i think it has nothign to do with me. I dont beleive he's guilty, no. But even the thought of it will never have an effect on who he is as a basketball player.. and he'll still always be my favorite.. so go nike for bringin it back