Monday, March 21, 2005

What is going on!?!?!?!?!

It is Monday....which means we now have a 3 day break from the NCAA tournament. I, for one, will crawl out of Sportz Headquarters [my basement] and poke my head out to see what’s going on. I know about the Senate hearings on baseball....but there has been other things going on. How ‘bout a run down??

*ITS SPRING AGAIN!. The useless declaration on the calendar. The first day of spring. I don’t know about you, but the first day of spring tends to be a colder day than the last day of winter. Is it just me??

          Pat Summitt

*PAT REACHES THE SUMMITT. I’m a North Carolina I was asked [read: taunted] that Tennessee Vols’ coach Pat Summitt was set to tie Dean Smith’s career win total. First off, congrats to her. Second is apples and oranges. Heck, in the same sport it is apples and oranges. Do you think that John Wooden would get his UCLA teams to win 11 titles in this day and age?? Probably not. So why equate what a woman’s basketball coach does to what a men’s basketball coach does. That leads me to my next point...

*DO WE NEED 64 TEAMS?? The women’s NCAA tournament started with their round of 64 teams. Here are some scores in case you missed them. LSU beat Stetson 70-36. Minnesota beat St Francis 64-33. Rutgers beat Hartford 62-37. Ohio State beat Holy Cross 86-45. UConn beat Dartmouth 95-47. Tennessee beat Western Carolina 94-43. the talent pool rich enough for 64 women’s teams?? I mean, St. Francis scored 33 points!! Western Carolina lost by 51!!! Don’t get me wrong...there are blowouts in every sport. But, the largest margin of victory in the men’s tournament so far [49 games] is 28 points when UNC beat Iowa State today. There were NINE games in the women’s tournament that have had margins of victory larger than 28 pts [32 games]. Can they just go back to the 48 team field??


*BYE BYE LAKERS.  With 16 games left in the NBA season...the LA Lakers are sitting 32-24 and 3.5 games back of Denver for the final playoff spot.  Last year, the Jazz and Blazers ended long playoff streaks.  The Lakers, who currently hold the longest playoff streak, may have theirs ended soon.  LA has lost 5 in a row and are pretty much playing out the string.  Wow....I didn't expect the Lakers to not even get over .500 this year.  I guess there is major, major work that needs to be done here. 

*PAGING DENNIS RODMAN. If you haven?t heard, Steve Francis went flying into the hub of photographers underneath the Magic basket...and apparently kicked someone. He has been suspended indefinitely. Francis denies the kick. If he did kick the photographer...what a 180 from early this season for Francis. Francis went from Rocket All Star to guy holding up a trade that would send him to Orlando. He then got off to a nice start and had the Magic rolling. Then, he became a problem for the Magic...and the team falls out of the playoff running. His coach gets canned...and he kicks a photographer. Nice to see he?s serious about getting his team into the playoffs. Good job Francis!


*ROBERTO ALOMAR RETIRES. Alomar, who will best be known for his days in Toronto, retired this past weekend. Actually, he may best be known for his Orioles days when he spit on an umpire. The 12-time all star and 10-time gold glover may be on his way to Cooperstown.


*LAST DANCE WITH MARY JANE. Apparently Ricky Williams has been talking to new Dolphins? coach Nick Saban about a possible return to the NFL. It has beenrumored that Williams has stopped smoking the hippie lettuce. It has been about 6 weeks.....Williams is due for another injection into the sporting world. Look, stoner....either stay in or go outside...just close the freaking door!!! I?m sure Miami is tired of dealing with this crap....I know I?m tired of hearing about it. Keep your sandals on....and the Bob Marley CD spinning...and the incense burning...and the tie-dyes drying.....the brownies baking....the Funyons in the cabinet....and your Dazed And Confused DVD in the machine. You aren?t really willing to kill the weed to go to work now are you?

*FLIPPING FOR NASCAR. Carl Edwards won the Nextel Race in Atlanta....the day after winning the Busch race there. When getting out of his car after the Busch win, he did this back flip on the asphalt. And who says these guys don?t live on the edge??

*ORANGE LINE INFRACTION. Breaking news...the NHL is still dead. But, when [read: if] it does come back to may have a different look. rules changes or franchise shifts. No, the ice may be blue with florescent orange lines on it. Yes, really. The reasoning does have some merit. It may be more attractive to the TV viewer who can (1) see the players better on the ice...(2) see the puch and action better on the ice....(3) get rid of that nasty glare off the ice....and (4) a reason for anyone to watch a hockey game. It is being tested in Rochester.


eatckn said...

Hey Assasin,

Just finished reading your journal for the first time...........pretty damn good if
I don't say so myself!  Makes me wonder if you have a REAL job in the
Sports' Media world??

I agree with you about Pat Summit being compared to THE DEAN.  I have
total respect for Coach Summit and I do think that she is the best in her
sport.  That said, there is no way her accomplishment can be compared
to Dean Smith's.  Women's basketball has only become competitive in
the last 10 years.  Before that, there were 1 or 2 elite teams that pretty
much ran the tables each year............doesn't begin to compare with
the competition Dean Smith faced.

Laughed my head off about your take on Rickey, a.k.a. "Dopey" Williams.
As a native New Orleanian, I have had to listen to tales of the dreadlock one
for waaaaaaaaay too long.  I sort of secretly wish that he WOULD agree to
go back and play for Nick Saban and then start all the same stuff over again.
That is what Saban deserves, and yes, I am a sore sport because Saban
left my beloved LSU Tigers.  

I have NO interest in Major League Baseball unless I am IN a stadium with
a cold beer in my hands, and NO, we really DON'T need 65 (not 64) teams,
but hey, let's hear it for the little guy who deserves a chance and sometimes
DOES pull off the impossible!  Besides, what would we bracket mongers do
without all those teams??!!

Catch you later!

sportzassassin said...

I'm glad you like the journal.  

No...I have nothing to do with the sports media field.  I'm just a fan...and I pretty much to write on this blog stuff I see or my takes on things going on.

Again...thanks for checking it out!!!