Monday, February 14, 2005


What has this world come to??

The Fleet Center in Boston will be no more. After Charlotte based Bank Of America acquired FleetBoston...they decided not to keep the naming rights of the stadium [Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte houses the NFL’s Carolina Panthers]. The building will still be there....but the name is coming down off the walls. The new name will be........well, you name it. Well....until they find a permanent sponsor.

That is what the owners of the building are doing. You name it. No, not some elaborate voting process or but submitting an entry thru the is done the ol’ fashioned way.

Ebay for it!!!!!!

That’s right....there is an online auction for the right to call the arena whatever G-rated name you want for a day. While there won’t be a new signs around with your newly acquired arena....the name will be on the JumboTrons inside and outside of the arena, the official web site and if someone calls the arena box office...they will answer "thanks for calling YOURNAME Arena." You will get four luxury seat tickets to the events held the day you get to name the well as a photo collage of it all. You’ll also get a parking spot in front of the arena, Pretty cool, huh?

You could name it "Sportz Assassin Arena".....or "Boston Garden"....or "The House That Bird Built"....or "Wife’s Name Center"...or "Celtics Rule Center"...or "Go Sox and Pats Arena"....or "Chico’s Bail Bonds Coliseum"...etc.

As I write, February 13, the arena was called the Migala Report Center. Dan Migala bought the rights to name the arena today for $500...with proceeds going to local charities.

You may think this is stupid....but people are lining up to buy into this. Even having your name in lights just for a day could get your small business running. Most of the days up for bid are in the $2000-$3000 range...including a $33,000 bid for Wednesday...when the Celtics play at home against the Memphis Grizzlies. The game will be on Fox Sports New England for all of the locals and subscribers to NBA League Pass to see.

Tomorrow features the Beanpot tournament...the best collegiate hockey inBoston. Disney On Ice will be in town the rest of the month.

So, grab your wallet...or a few friends. Scrounge some money up to get your name, or your business?s name on an NBA arena.

Place your bid here....eBay - FleetCenter items in Experiences Finder

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monponsett said...

If I were rich and single, I could just put my phone number on the Smurf Center facade.

Otherwise, I'd just go with "Boston Garden." Sometimes, you get it right the first time.