Thursday, February 24, 2005

Randy Moss Is A Raidah

               Randy Moss

The St. Paul Pioneer Press.....and Randy Moss’ agent.....says that the receiver will be dealt to the Oakland Raiders for LB Napoleon Harris and the #7 pick and a later round pick in this year’s draft. The trade cannot be done until March 2....the start of the NFL’s new year. Neither team will confirm the deal.

Adding Moss gives the Oakland Raiders one of the best receiving corps in the league. They can throw Moss on one side and Jerry Porter, who the Raiders gave a contract extension to, on the other. All the while, Ronald Curry [who came off a breakout season] is a very adequate third receiver. Also, the one team that doesn’t really mind Moss’ antics are the Raiders.

As far as talent goes.....the Vikings may have gotten the short end of the stick. But, that is what happens when (A) you are dealing a controversial player and (B) everyone knows it. Technically, replacing Moss will be difficult. But, with that #7 pick....they could go after USC’s Mike Williams or Michigan’s Braylon Edwards in the draft. Also, there is a bevy of free agent receivers and possible salary cap casualties out there like Mushin Muhammad, Plaxico Burress, Isaac Bruce, Derek Mason and Laverneas Coles. Dealing Moss away saves $2M to their cap.

So why the deal? Moss wore out his welcome in Minnesota....and, to them, the headache wasn’t worth the results. Randy Moss is the biggest playmaking receiver in the NFL......but, with him, the Vikings were still an 8-8 team. This is Daunte Culpepper’s team now....and Moss’ actions were really tearing the team apart. He walked off the field before the end of their season finale against the Washington Redskins. The next week, after a TD catch against the Packers....he faux mooned the crowd. He’s had three run-ins with officials during his career that have gotten him fined...and even had a shouting match with a sponsor on the team bus.

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