Sunday, October 26, 2014

NFL Coaches On The Hot Seat (Pre-Halloween Edition)

REX RYAN, JETS:  Ryan has survived the ax the last two years, but it seems all but inevitable that Ryan will be out of Gotham Green after this season.  They are 1-7 and Ryan's usually stout defense is giving up over 28 points-per-game.  Ryan has also wasted away two top quarterback picks in Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith.

MIKE SMITH, FALCONS:  I thought Atlanta's sad sack season of 2013 was an aberration.  Injuries and bad luck just strangled them.  Well, the 2014 Falcons are checking in at the halfway point with a 2-6 mark and they just wasted away a 21-point lead to the Lions in London.  Smith's Falcons have been close to a Super Bowl but didn't push through, meaning he doesn't have the kind of cache to survive this kind of nosedive.

MARC TRESTMAN, BEARS:  Chicago was supposed to contend for an NFC North title and a possible Super Bowl berth.  However, these Bears are mired in a slide where they've lost 4 of 5 games and two of their three wins have come against bottom feeders Jets and Falcons.  This pasting by the Patriots this Sunday doesn't help matters.  Chicago's saving grace is that they still face the Lions and Vikings twice each and the Packers once more ... making a surge up the standings possible.

GUS BRADLEY, JAGUARS:  Bradley took over a franchise that was empty.  There are some good players there, but there is not enough talent to realistically expect success.  I think Bradley should be fine even in this throwaway season.  How he handles Blake Bortles the rest of the way should help decide whether he should continue to rebuild this team.

JAY GRUDEN, REDSKINS:  I'm usually hesitant to put a first year coach on any hot seat list, but these are the Redskins and Gruden has had a bad season thus far.  Not only has the offense underperformed under his watch, he has poo-poo'd both of the Skins young quarterbacks.  If some big name comes available to him, don't think Daniel Snyder won't switch after the season.

JOE PHILBIN, DOLPHINS:  Sure, not many of us pegged the Dolphins for a 4-3 record right now.  But three of the wins are against the Jaguars, Raiders and Bears (a combined 4-19).  His reign in Miami has been bumpy to say the least, and his decision making has been questioned a lot this season.

JEFF FISHER, RAMS:  Fisher's Rams have been competitive this year despite losing their starting quarterback prior to the season and playing in that stacked division.  While I'm not certain his seat is boiling hot, the Rams need to get something going for a fanbase that could see the franchise move soon.

RON RIVERA, PANTHERS:  Sure, last year he won Coach Of The Year honors.  A year before that, he nearly lost his job.  The Panthers are a first place team, albeit in the weak NFC South.  If Carolina craps out, Rivera may find himself gone.

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