Monday, December 16, 2013

Sportz Assassin's 2013-2014 College Football Playoff

For several years now, I've had posts on what I think college football playoffs should look like.  Unlike the BCS, I refuse to change up my format every year to tighten up the "perfect" system.  No, I'm staying the same.

My formula is simple.  Twelve teams make it in.  All games but the championship is on campus.  The champions of the so-called "BCS conferences" (now changed to Automatic Qualifiers) get in.  So the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, Pac-12 and the former Big East/current American Athletic Conference are in.  So is the highest BCS ranked conference champion of the non-BCS conferences.  After that, the top five non-champions according to the BCS rankings.

The seedings are based off the BCS rankings with the only movement to keep conference games from happening in the first round.  No more than three teams from a conference can get in.  Top four seeds get a bye.

So who are these teams?

No. 1 - Florida State (ACC champ)
No. 2 - Auburn (SEC champ)
No. 3 - Alabama
No. 4 - Michigan State (Big Ten champ)

No. 12 - Fresno State (top non BCS champ) at No. 5 - Stanford (Pac-12 champ)
No. 11 - Central Florida (AAC champ) at No. 6 - Baylor (Big 12 champ)
No. 10 - Oklahoma at No. 7 - Ohio State
No. 9 - Oregon at No. 8 - Missouri

South Carolina got knocked out due to them being the 4th SEC team on the list.

Here is the schedule.

12p-Central Florida at Baylor
3p-Oregon at Missouri
6p-Fresno State at Stanford
9p-Oklahoma at Ohio State

12p-Fresno St/Stanford at Michigan State
3p-UCF/Baylor at Alabama
6p-Oregon/Missouri at Florida State
9p-Oklahoma/Ohio State at Auburn


8p-National Championship Game (Pasadena, CA)

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