Monday, October 21, 2013

NFL Coaches On The Hottest Seats

We are nearly halfway through the season so it is fair to see which head coaches are sitting squarely on the hot seat.

1-GREG SCHIANO, BUCCANEERS:  Tampa hasn't won a game yet this year and everything is falling apart.  The whole Josh Freeman saga made the Bucs look bad.  Losing makes them look worse.  It seems as if his deal is wearing thin at T-Bay and a change could be coming.

2-TOM COUGHLIN, GIANTS:  Coughlin, it seems, is always on the hot seat.  Throughout his entire tenure in New York, he has always got a lot of heat for his team's shortcomings.  Then, of course, he's won two Super Bowl championships as well.  So which is it?  Do you keep riding with him because he has proven he's able to get it done or is it finally time to cut bait and start with a new voice in the locker room?

3-RON RIVERA, PANTHERS:  He's always on this list.  Some say it is amazing he kept his job last offseason.  However, he does have his team sitting at 3-3 so it may not be a slam dunk this year either.

4-LESLIE FRAZIER, VIKINGS:  Minnesota made the playoffs last year but 2013 has been a bust.  Their remaining schedule is bonkers so it seems slim that they'll dig out of it.  Maybe Josh Freeman shows enough to keep Frazier around.  To me, this may be it.

5-REX RYAN, JETS:  Funny.  When you have high expectations and you start 4-3, everyone wants you gone.  When no one expects anything from you and you are 4-3, suddenly your job is a bit safer.  While his coaching may not be any better, the lack of antics and circus has cleared the head of these Jets.

6-DENNIS ALLEN, RAIDERS:  This is an interesting one.  Allen has done next to nothing in Oakland.  However, Allen is the GM's guy and this roster wasn't comprised to win now.  The franchise will have a ton of cap room coming to make a big free agent splash.  The question is if Allen is believed to be the guy to handle the squad when it is overhauled.  I think he gets a least a one season crack at it.

7-MIKE MUNCHAK, TITANS:  I think that he's done a decent job in Tennessee.  However, Bud Adams isn't getting any younger and may want to bring in a guy he think can take a mediocre team further along.

8-JIM SCHWARTZ, LIONS:  To me, the Lions are a team that has all the talent in the world but is held back by something.  Schwartz could be that something.

9-JASON GARRETT, COWBOYS:  Look, the NFC East isn't very good right now.  The Giants have been putrid, the Redskins are still fighting their way through RG3's knee injury and the Eagles don't really know who their quarterback will be.  This is Dallas' division to lose.  They are the most talented team and have every opportunity to win it.  If they don't, could Jerry Jones look somewhere else?

10-GARY KUBIAK, TEXANS:  His Houston teams have underachieved a bit and this year's team has been in full melt down.  It could be time to make a change.

11-MIKE TOMLIN, STEELERS:  I know Pittsburgh fans are angry, but this isn't all Tomlin's fault.  The team is old and they've been dealt a lot of injuries (then again, most teams are).  The Steelers don't make drastic changes for change sake ... especially at the head coaching position.

12-GUS BRADLEY, JAGUARS:  Even if the Jags have a historically bad season, Jags ownership cannot hold that against Bradley.  However, this is Jags ownership we are talking about ... so who knows.

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