Sunday, December 23, 2012

Who Will NBC Flex In For Week 17?

Okay, NBC will have its flex game for Week 17's Sunday Night Football.  It can be any game of the week, but it will be the one with the most on the line.  With the AFC's playoff teams set (though their seeding isn't), it should most likely be an NFC game.  Three games stick out the most, with one as ... to me ... the obvious winner.

Here is the rankings for which game it could be:

16-JAGUARS AT TITANS:  Two teams that I've probably watched a total of 10 minutes all year long play. 

15-RAIDERS AT CHARGERS:  No reason at all for anyone to watch this mess.

14-BUCCANEERS AT FALCONS:  Tampa's out and Atlanta has home field advantage locked up.  Expect the Falcons to sit their stars. 

13-BROWNS AT STEELERS:  Big rivalry with nothing on the line. 

12-JETS AT BILLS:  I rank this game this high because we've spent all year with this horrible Jets team so overhyped.  May as well ride it to the end.

11-PANTHERS AT SAINTS:  Of all the games that have no playoff implications whatsoever, this is the best of the bunch.  Should be an exciting game featuring two teams who are pretty darn hot right now.  If, for some reason, there really is nothing to play for anywhere else, might as well put this one on.

10-CHIEFS AT BRONCOS:  Well, home field advantage could be on the line for Denver depending on if Houston loses.  A bye could be on the line.  The Chiefs getting the No. 1 pick.  Nope, no one wants to see this.

9-DOLPHINS AT PATRIOTS:  New England could get the top overall seed in the AFC if Denver and Houston lose.  If either of them lose, the Pats could battle for a bye. However, that's a lot to happen for this game to mean anything important enough to watch. 

8-TEXANS AT COLTS:  Both are heading to the postseason.  We know the Colts are a wildcard team, it would just come down to who'd they play.  If Denver and/or New England win earlier, then Houston would be playing for home field. 

7-CARDINALS AT 49ERS:  Depending on whatever happens in Green Bay earlier in the day, San Francisco could be playing for a first round bye.  Aside from that, move on.

6-EAGLES AT GIANTS:  New York has imploded, but still has a shot at a playoff berth.  Still, a lot has to happen around the league for the Giants to get in.  This game could be moot.

5-RAVENS AT BENGALS:  Like the Texans-Colts, these two are already in the playoffs.  All they are fighting for is seeding, which makes this game a dumper.

4-BEARS AT LIONS:  Detroit has disappointed, but they are still good and Megatron will be going for the first 2,000 yard receiving season ever.  The Bears are right in the thick of the playoff race but could be eliminated before this game starts.  A win and ... gulp ... a Packers win over the Vikings means Chicago would make it in.

3-RAMS AT SEAHAWKS:  Seattle could be playing for a NFC West title.  Depending on what goes on earlier in the day with Chicago, Washington, Dallas or the Giants, Seattle could be playing just to get into the playoffs.  Not a bad matchup, but only sexy if no other option.

2-PACKERS AT VIKINGS:  Green Bay could be fighting for a first round bye.  Minnesota could be fighting to get in, depending on what happens elsewhere (a Vikes win in this game and they're in).  You'd also have the chance Adrian Peterson breaks Eric Dickerson's rushing record.  Heated rivals with a lot on the line.

1-COWBOYS AT REDSKINS:  The winner wins the NFC East.  The loser will most likely miss the playoffs (the Redskins could have a shot with a loss).  Huge rivalry.  The two most valuable franchises in the NFL.  Two controversial owners.  RG3 vs Romo.  A rematch of a lively Thanksgiving game.  Two huge markets.  Need any more reasons?

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