Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tebow to Jags? Do It And Let's Get This Over With!!!

Rumor is that the Jets don't want Tim Tebow anymore and the Jaguars will be his next destination.

Thank god.

I hope this happens.  I don't care if it is good for Tebow.  I don't care if it is good for the Jaguars.  It IS good for anyone tired of Tebow Mania.  Well, at least Tebow Mania that seems undeserved.  It will help settle the people who think Tebow can't play and is waaaaaaay overhyped from the people who back Tebow and think he just needs a chance to play for a team that is all-in for him. 

Then we can get something.  If Tebow stinks it up, all those people who called that can feel great and we can shut up about him.  If he does good things in Jacksonville, then those Tebow supporters will be vindicated.  Either way, we get that question answered. 

Oh, and don't give me that whole "Jags suck so he can't be truly judged."  The Redskins sucked.  The Colts sucked.  New quarterbacks have gotten them into the postseason chase.  The Vikings weren't thought of as a playoff team ... but here they are. 

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