Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is the Vince Young Era Over in Tennessee?

Vince Young left the 19-16 overtime loss to the Washington Redskins with an injured thumb. Titans head coach Jeff Fisher says that even if the thumb is fine, Young is no longer the starter.

Sounds kind of harsh, eh?

Well, not when you hear that when Young was finally shut down for the game (he was trying to get back in), he threw his shoulder pads up into the stands, came back out in street clothes and then bolted the team early and went home.

Fisher, at the post game press conference, said that there was no excuse for Young's actions and that he won't be the starter next week.

With the history of bad leadership from Young in Tennessee, is it time for them to cut bait and move on?


Randy Magray said...

They shouldn't have brought him back the last time he acted like a baby. Apparently he hasn't learned anything from Mike Vick, that you need to be a man to succeed in the NFL and particularly as a leader/QB/franchise type.

L O S E R!


His era is over! I pass blame to his babyish behavior to U of TX. I live in the Austin area and they pamper them. Young you text your coach after you diss him in public. That is straight @#$%&!! You get hurt and whine like a @#$%& and want forgiveness. Well Young your coach is not God and after so many chances he won't forgive you this time. your done with the Titian's and lets hope your exit you will learn something and grow up but you get on chance to be a man!!!

Dan said...

Vince young thinks the game is about him and is a show-off and when he don't get his way he throws his little temper tamtrom like the little boy he is. He needs to learn to be a man before he even thinks about being a NFL quaterback. The sooner the Titans get rid of him,the better!!