Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Sportz Assassin's Free Agency Predictions

Since everyone else is doing it ... so will I. I'll reach into my butt and attempt to pull out where all the big dog free agents are heading this offseason.

Let me just say that this is all pretty cool, actually. To see so many big free agents out there ... as well as all these teams that can actually shop for these guys ... is awesome.

LEBRON JAMES: I think he stays in Cleveland. I think the lure of the big cities and all of that isn't enough for what he has built in Ohio. It may hinge on the Cavs bringing in a second tier free agent, but I think somehow this gets done. If not there, then ... Chicago.

DWYANE WADE: He stays in Miami. Unless the Heat totally disrespect him, I think he's not going anywhere. If not there, then ... Chicago.

CHRIS BOSH: Now it gets tricky. I don't think he'll go to Cleveland because they'd have to deal away a lot to get him (as well as Varejao ... which would make Bosh a center, which he doesn't like). I don't think Miami has anything to offer Toronto in a sign-and-trade. Maybe they can just sign him outright. Still, he has the same problem in Miami as being the lone inside threat. I think he heads to Chicago. The Bulls already have a team on the rise, an All Star in Derrick Rose and the money to add another dog. If not there, then ... Miami.

JOE JOHNSON: Two days ago, I would've said New York. Now Atlanta is throwing the bank at him and that has to sway him back home. If not there, then ... New York.

DIRK NOWITZKI: He stays in Dallas. The opt out is the cash in on a big contract now and to gain that rare no-trade clause. If not there, then ... New York.

PAUL PIERCE: Same thing here. Pierce stays in Boston to get a big payday and that same no-trade clause. If not there, then ... New Jersey.

AMARE STOUDAMIRE: This one is tough. I think he'll stay in Phoenix, but I can really see him going to New York to play for Mike D'Antoni. I think he'll like the fact that the Knicks would be built around him and he stays in a high octane offense that fits his skills. This is by far my thinnest limb I'm going out on. If not there, then ... Phoenix.

CARLOS BOOZER: While I think Stoudamire would be a better fit, I see Boozer taking the big money in Miami. It isn't the LeBron-Wade-Bosh trifecta, but Boozer gives the Heat a scorer down low with a very good mid-range game. If not there, then ... Chicago or New Jersey.

DAVID LEE: This is a really tough one. If the Knicks sign Amare, would they still want Lee? I think so. I think a Mike D'Antoni offense with Amare at center and Lee at power forward would be pretty darn good. I think New York resigns him. If not there, then ... Phoenix Suns.

RUDY GAY: This one is really difficult. New Jersey has money that I don't have them spending yet -- and they could use him. I'm leaning on him heading to the Los Angeles Clippers. They have money and a gaping hole at small forward that they need to fill. If not there, then ... New Jersey.
--UPDATE -- Gay signed with Memphis for a max contract. I can't blame him for that. No one could/would/should offered that for him.

RAY ALLEN: With Doc Rivers back and Paul Pierce most likely locking in a long-ish deal, I think Allen would come back to Boston for a little less to take another shot at a title. Chicago is a very, very interesting option if they show him the money. If not there, then ... Chicago.

TYRUS THOMAS: He stays in Charlotte. He'll shop for a big deal, but I don't see anyone offering one. He takes the one year tender. If not there, then ... New York.

LUIS SCOLA: He stays in Houston. They'll have to pay him. If not there, then ... Toronto.

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: I think he globs on to Dallas. He wants another shot at a ring and he's burned enough bridges in Los Angeles and Miami that Dallas will be the next best choice. It's a shame that this guy will be known as a guy who chased rings at the end of his career. If not there, then ... Boston.

JOHN SALMONS: I think he stays in Milwaukee. He realizes that this Bucks team is on the rise and were a horrific Andrew Bogut injury away from doing some real damage in the playoffs. Plus, they just added Drew Gooden earlier today. With Michael Redd most likely out of the way, Salmons has the gig all to himself. If not there, then ... LA Clippers.

RAYMOND FELTON: Charlotte just can't afford him, so I think he gets nabbed by the Indiana Pacers. They need a point guard and have been aggressively trying to get one. They have enough young guys to deal back in a sign-and-trade. If not there, then ... New York.

STEVE BLAKE: The LA Lakers want him badly and he fits their style perfectly. Will Jordan Farmar gone, I think Blake would be a nice fit. If not there, then ... Charlotte.

BRAD MILLER: I think it depends on a few things. If the Bulls load up on talent, I think he'll want to stay in Chicago. If it doesn't go like that, I think he heads to Boston. If not there, then ... Chicago.

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