Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LeBron Is About to Kick Cleveland In the Nuts

I have a hunch that LeBron James is not coming back to Cleveland. Just a hunch.

Why hold an hour long "special" to announce you're not going anywhere? It can't be used as a recruiting tool for free agents to come to the Cavaliers. They lack the funds to make a play for any other big dogs ... not to mention that most of them have already agreed to deals.

Why hold this presser in Greenwich, CT ... just a few miles away from New York City? Well, there is a reason for that. He's in Carmelo Anthony's wedding, which is this weekend in Greenwich. Still, with the demands on LeBron and this wedding, why would he bother having this charade just to announce he's coming back?

(If I had to put some cheese on this, I'd say that LeBron is heading to New York. Amare Stoudemire is already there, he could become a world icon and own that city. In a city with A-Rod, Eli, Rex Ryan and Derek Jeter, LeBron would still be king.)

(NOTE: The big rumor throughout the night and morning is that LeBron would go to Miami. Again, why not have a triple news conference about that with Wade and Bosh on Wednesday?)

I'm sorry, but LeBron James has looked really bad through all of this. A likeable guy, LeBron has turned himself into a somewhat hated fellow. We're tired of all of this. Pick somewhere! If it is Cleveland, then all of this was a royal waste of time. If it isn't Cleveland, thanks for holding this event to kick Cleveland in the nads.

That would be the most classless and cruel exit I'd could ever see.

I'm not a fan of the city of Cleveland. It isn't really anywhere I'd want to go. Their sports teams could be loveable losers if it wasn't for the way they lose. Jose Mesa. The Drive. The Fumble. Of course, only Mesa involved a championship that was in their grasp. His meltdown against the Marlins in 1996 clutched defeat from the jaws of victory. The Drive and The Fumble kept them from the Super Bowl, but it wasn't as if the champagne was chilling in their locker room.

I do feel bad for the sports fans there. Art Modell pulling the Browns from the city and moving them to Baltimore was crushing. It's about the only thing that could compare to LeBron ditching his hometown Cavs for whomever. The only difference is that the NFL almost immediately guaranteed that they'd put an expansion team in Cleveland, name them the Browns and keep all of the franchise's history. A couple years and the team was back.

With LeBron, there ain't no coming back. If he leaves, there is no other super star that's walking through that door to replace him. They'll have to pray that someone falls in their lap ... at some point ... in the next decade or two ... via the draft. In fact, you could make the case that no star in their right mind would ever choose to play in Cleveland. If a guy who lived his whole life there doesn't want to stay ... then why would anyone else?

I'm not being overly dramatic and saying the entire city of Cleveland will burn and sink to the bottom of Lake Erie if LeBron doesn't come back. But it will take the sporting soul out of this town. The Cavs of the last seven years have been the closest thing they've had to a champion. Now it could all be gone.

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